How to delete selected cells, columns and rows in Excel?

Excel has been a tool that we all use in our daily life but perhaps at times we need to delete cells, columns and rows, especially if we are working with a table , you can use ‘Delete cells …’ or the table tools in the panel , as well as a single right click and choose ‘Delete…’.

A more visual method for you, is to do it on the row number and if they are blank you can delete them, when you do this you will be selecting the entire row or column, you can press ‘delete’ and the blank rows / columns will be deleted, accordingly. Likewise, below we will explain the methods in more detail.

When you create tables, which you can do from the excel program or even by entering excel online , there may be blank spaces, that is, cells that you want to delete, you will find different ways to do it.

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  1. What to do to remove a blank column in Excel?
  2. How to remove all cells that appear blank?
  3. What is the way to delete cells using the keyboard?
  4. How to delete cells using table tools?
  5. How to identify the cells you want to delete?
  6. What to do to select more than one cell at a time?

What to do to remove a blank column in Excel?

In order to eliminate blank columns there are several methods, in the first one you have to select the cell in which the blank column that you want to delete is located, once you do so you must go to the ‘Home’ tab and choose the option that says ‘Cells’ there you must click on ‘Delete’ and then ‘Delete sheet columns’ and so you can delete the column you selected.

However, there is another more visual alternative, in which by right-clicking on the number or letter of the column you want to delete, when you click there you will select all of them and there a window will pop-up where you can click ‘Delete ‘.

In both methods you must make sure that you are selecting the correct blank columns, and that they are definitely blank since if they have content and you want to delete them you must first click on ‘Delete content’ and then proceed to delete the blank columns in the form that we told you.

How to remove all cells that appear blank?

To eliminate all the blank cells, you will have to apply other methods, which may be a little more difficult but this most of all works when you have made a table and have marked the edges but you had some empty cells, first you have to go to ‘Start ‘then head over to’ Edit ‘.

When you are there you have to press ‘Search and select’ when you choose this, a menu will appear in which you have to select the option of ‘Go to Special’ when you do it will open a window, where you can select all the cells that you want, choose the option of ‘Blank cells’ that will appear in the left column and then select ‘OK’.

What is the way to delete cells using the keyboard?

Do you know what office applications are? These are applications like Word and Excel that have different characteristics, one of which we can mention is the mechanisms to delete rows and columns from the keyboard , as we repeat, this works if you have created a table, and using key combinations you can use different ways .

The keys that will be used to combine when you want to delete cells will be with ones that we will already mention but first, you must place the cursor on the extreme left of the row or in the column but above the one you want to delete.

A black arrow will appear, you must double click whether it is on the left for the rows or down the column, now it is time for action you have to press ‘Shift + Del’ or ‘ Shift + Del’ so select the row or the column and with it, the cell. That set of cells you selected will be erased efficiently.

How to delete cells using table tools?

In order to eliminate the cells that make up columns or rows, you can also use the tools with which you have created your table, and follow these steps that we are going to mention as follows:

  1. Create the table or insert it.
  2. You must position yourself on the column or cell that you want to delete.
  3. Find ‘Table Tools’ and then click on ‘Layout’
  4. Choose ‘Delete’ and you’re done.

How to identify the cells you want to delete?

To identify them, it is first necessary that you know what a row is, which have the cells that are located horizontally, and the cells that are vertically are the columns. Now, the cells are the intersections of these two , rows and columns.

To identify the columns, alphabet letters are used and the rows will be identified with numbers , the cells will be identified with a combination of both. To identify the cells you only have to see how Excel is divided, those blank spaces are the cells, to identify which ones you want to delete you have to know in which column or row they are.

You should know that you can enter different content contained in the cells, you can even include several lines in the same cell very easily using the ‘Combine’ function and applying some tricks on your computer or even in the mobile App.

What to do to select more than one cell at a time?

If you want to select more than one cell, you can do it in two ways, the first will be that you click on a cell and then you will have to drag with the help of the left mouse button, the cursor to be able to select the range of cells.

Drag the mouse pointer over all the cells you want to select, release the mouse and you will have the range of cells selected. You have to keep in mind that these are white (obvious) and when the selections will turn grayish and the edges will turn green. By doing this you can lock or fix cells so that they are not modified , which is very helpful, this can be done very easily from the computer.

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