How To Delete Saved Snapchat Messages

You must know how to delete the messages saved on Snapchat since it is part of the good management of this social network. Social networks are currently an important part of our day to day , thanks to them we have the ability to communicate with all our acquaintances, friends and family. As well as finding out what kind of activities they carry out during their day. Through these platforms we can also find out about all kinds of events and news that occur both in your surroundings and in the rest of the planet.

Therefore, these types of platforms end up offering their users the experience of a communicative and informative medium . Within the most important social networks of recent years we can denote some clear favorites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even Tik Tok . But within these we find a new social network that is quite striking and completely different from its closest rivals.

If you are understanding us, you will know that we are talking about Snapchat. Below we will tell you everything you need to know about this interesting application and what it can offer us. So stay with us and find out all the data, information and details related to this new and innovative social network focused on messaging and other factors.

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  1. What is Snapchat and what can it offer us?
  2. What features does Snapchat have?
  3. How do I delete Snapchat chat messages?
    1. Delete saved messages
    2. Delete sent Snapchat messages
    3. Delete Snapchat conversation
  4. How do I remove conversations that don’t go away?
    1. Can you delete Snapchat messages saved by the other person?

What is Snapchat and what can it offer us?

It is a social network focused mainly on instant messaging, as an alternative to WhatsApp . This app was launched on the market by a group of university students whose main objective was to ensure that this platform offered a totally different quality service from other social networks. And at the same time, different from other instant messaging platforms, showing its own touch to users.

Since its inception, this platform has achieved resounding success all over the planet. To such an extent that according to a count carried out a few months ago, it has been estimated that around 229 million people are registered and active in this app focused on instant messaging, thus making it one of the most numerous platforms today in day.

What features does Snapchat have?

First of all, we have to remember that the main important point of the success of Snapchat around the world is the diverse functions, options and tools that it presents to its users compared to other platforms focused on the same field. Being able to stand out in a great way before its closest competitors and take this advantage to achieve this recognition.

Having this clear , we have to bear in mind that thanks to Snapchat we will enjoy messages with a set time. These work through the time that people want to establish before sending them, usually photos, videos or any type of multimedia content.

Once this message reaches us, we will have only that time previously established by the other person to be able to see it before it is completely deleted from the platform. The objective of this type of modality is to keep the flow and sending of messages constant , in addition to giving a certain and important touch of security and privacy to their respective users.

Through Snapchat we will also have the opportunity to see content and stories from both our people added as friends, as well as celebrities, famous people and strangers. Clearly, this all depends on your respective tastes when searching for content in this app. Another important little piece of information to share is that we will also have the opportunity to get games on this social network.

How do I delete Snapchat chat messages?

As we have commented previously, this popular social network is also focused on instant messaging , therefore we will be able to chat with our added contacts and send us all kinds of content.

In this messaging application, many procedures can be done to delete messages . And is that Snapchat, provides the facility to its users who can choose how to delete messages and conversations. Additionally, messages can be deleted under certain circumstances.

For example, as in any other messaging service, you can delete the chats one by one or delete the entire mailbox. In the same way, you can enter a chat and delete all the conversation you have had with that person.

Also in the case that you only want to delete a specific message from a conversation, you can also do it. In this same sense, you can also delete saved messages from Snapchat in case you no longer need them.

So if for some reason you send a message, then you regret it and want to delete it, you will have to follow the correct steps to be able to completely remove it from the chat without the other person seeing it. Here we will explain in detail what you will have to do so that this message does not appear again.

First of all, you will have to enter the chat with that person, once there you will select the message or messages you want to delete , once this is done we will see the option to delete the message completely. Now we will accept and that’s it, Problem solved.

Delete saved messages

In Snapchat you can save the messages you send and receive, but even if they are saved, you can delete them. The messages that are saved in this app are kept both in your chat and in that of the person with whom you interacted.

So, to delete the messages saved on snapchat, the first thing you should do is look for the message you want to delete. After that, you must press and hold this message and it will automatically remove the color with which it was marked when saving the message. After doing this when you enter that chat again, the message will no longer be saved.

Delete sent Snapchat messages

Messages that have already been sent to a user cannot be deleted even if the recipient has not seen the message. Although there are some drastic tricks you can do in case the message sent is compromising.

You can delete the Snapchat account to try to stop the message from being sent. But if you make this decision, you should know that you will not be able to recover the account you use. You can also disconnect the WiFi or mobile data and even turn off the phone before the message is sent. Although you would have to be very fast because the messages are sent quickly.

Delete Snapchat conversation

There is another solution or way to avoid having to go through the process of manually searching and deleting saved messages. This option is to completely delete the conversation you have had with a person. In this sense, you can avoid the tedious process of selecting each message you want to delete and then checking the delete button.

Deleting the conversation either on Snapchat or another messaging service speeds up the deletion of messages. You can delete all the conversations and chats you have had or you have the option to delete only one chat with a certain person.

For this, in the first option you must go to the button that looks like a gear that is the one that leads to the settings. Next, you must look at the bottom for the bar that marks delete conversations and you will have already done the process of deleting saved messages from Snapchat.

On the other hand if you only want to delete a single conversation. The only thing you have to do is mark the X (x) found on the side of said chat. You can also look for the ghost icon that takes you to settings and there you must click on delete conversations and select the one you want to delete.

How do I remove conversations that don’t go away?

When conversations or messages do not disappear when deleting conversations, it is because someone has saved the message. It may be that you or the person (s) you spoke to saved the message.

Therefore, if you want them to be removed, you can try removing this message from your saved section. If it doesn’t work doing this, it’s because the other person has marked it as an important message and has it stored. So you can kindly ask him to remove this distinction so that it can be deleted from your chat as well.

Can you delete Snapchat messages saved by the other person?

As we have already mentioned above, when a message is saved, it will be stored in both chats. However, when you want to remove or delete a message saved in this application, it will only remove the save from your chat.

So to the other person, if they have it saved, the message will continue to appear with their saved messages space. Therefore, you cannot delete your saved Snapchat messages when someone else on your phone or device saved them.

There are those who recommend using applications that supposedly delete the messages saved by other people. However, this is not very useful since what you can achieve is that the application blocks your account. Since you would be using external things and incompatible with the application.


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