How to delete people from photos

Did an “annoying” passer-by ruin most of the photos you took during the trip last weekend? Are you creating a poster and urgently need to delete some people from a photo? Contrary to what is said around, you don’t have to be a great graphic expert to do this: all you need is good photo editing software and a bit of commitment.

If you want to find out how to delete people from photos using this kind of solutions, continue reading: in this guide, in fact, I will explain how to best use some smartphone applications suitable for the purpose and some famous photo editing programs for PC, which also integrate some tools that can be used to remove unwanted subjects from photos (whether they are people, writings, logos and so on). I will not fail to tell you about some online services.

So, are you ready to get started? Yup? Fantastic! Make yourself comfortable, take all the time you need to concentrate on reading the next paragraphs and, above all, try to put into practice the instructions I am about to give you. You will see, removing people from photos will be a breeze! I wish you good reading and have fun!


  • How to delete people from photos: Android
  • How to delete people from photos: iPhone
  • How to delete people from photos with Photoshop
    • From PC
    • From smartphones and tablets
  • How to delete people from photos with GIMP
  • How to delete people from photos online
    • Photopea
    • Pixlr

How to delete people from photos: Android

Let’s start this guide by seeing how to delete people from photos with Android , using one of the many apps useful for the purpose, such as the excellent Snapseed display on the Play Store (on devices without Google services it is possible to obtain it through alternative stores ).

Want to know how to delete people from photos with Snapseed ? After installing and starting the app, all you have to do is call up the tool that allows you to remove elements from photos, be they people, objects, defects and so on. After opening Snapseed, then, touch anywhere on the screen and select the photo to edit by tapping on its preview .

Once you have opened the photo containing the people to remove, tap on the Tools tab (below) and select the Correction tool . Next, swipe your finger over the area where the person you want to remove is present. In doing so, I advise you to enlarge the image and act only on the area actually affected, so as to avoid artifacts in the points where no person is present.

Pressing the icon of the rectangle cut in half (top right) you can see a “before and after” that will help you to understand if the result obtained has not “distorted” the original photo. If so and you have no other changes to make, press the () button located at the bottom right, then press the Export tab (bottom right) and select the save or share option that best suits you.

Obviously Snapseed is not the only app suitable for the purpose: there are many others that can come in handy and some of these can be even better than Snapseed, although the latter is one of the simplest to use for the purpose. For more information about the use of these other valid alternatives, I refer you to reading my guide dedicated to apps to edit photos .

How to delete people from photos: iPhone

Would you like to know how to delete people from photos with iPhone ? Well, even in this case you can take advantage of Snapseed, since it is also present on the App Store . After installing it on your “iPhone by”, you can take advantage of the same information that I have already given you in the chapter dedicated to Android .

Otherwise, you can use one of the many other photo editing apps available on iPhone, many of which integrate tools suitable for the purpose. For more information on their use, you can consult the guide I just linked to you.

How to delete people from photos with Photoshop

As a good photo editing enthusiast, have you installed Photoshop ? Well, then you can’t help but take advantage of the most popular photo editing program in the world to remove unwanted people from your shots, following the instructions in the next lines.

From PC

If you want to delete people from photos with Photoshop acting from a PC , no problem: the famous Adobe photo editing software, available for Windows and macOS, integrates various tools that allow you to do this in an extremely easy and fast way. The tools in question, in fact, reconstruct in an “intelligent” way the portion of the photo from which the person is removed by emulating and copying the background elements that surround him or, in any case, by substituting the latter for the subject you want to remove.

To proceed, import the photo you want to retouch into Photoshop by going to the File> Open … menu and call up the Spot Healing Brush tool (the patch symbol in the left sidebar). If you had used one of the other tools related to the Spot Healing Brush (which we will learn more about in a few moments) and you do not see the icon of the tool in question, right click on the icon of the patch , the patch , the two crossed arrows or eye and select it from the context menu.

Now, open the drop-down menu located at the top left (the white dot icon ) and set the size , hardness and all other characteristics of the brush you are going to use. Then “color” the silhouettes of the people you want to remove from the photo by holding down the left mouse button while you brush over them. If everything went well, as if by “magic”, people will disappear from the photo.

As an alternative to the Spot Healing Brush, you can also use the “standard” Healing Brush , which works more or less the same way as the tool I told you about so far but, in addition, it also offers the possibility to choose which portions of the photo to use. to cover people and other unwanted items. This feature is especially useful if the subject’s background is not very smooth.

To use it, right click on the patch icon in the left sidebar and select the corrective brush item from the menu that opens. After possibly adjusting the size, hardness and other characteristics of the brush (using the appropriate drop-down menu, always located at the top left), select the portion of the photo you want to use to cover the silhouette of the person you want to remove from the click. Then press the Alt key on your keyboard and click on the point of the photo you want to “sample”. Then cover the person you want to delete from the photo, following the same steps I showed you earlier.

If you have not been able to delete some subjects from the photos using the tools I mentioned in the previous lines, I suggest you also try the patch tool , which you can always activate by right-clicking on the patch icon and selecting the appropriate item from the menu that opens.

To use it, select the portion of the image containing the subject you want to delete, so as to enclose it within a selection and click and hold on the dotted area. Finally, drag it to the portion of the image you want to use to cover one or more people.

When you have finished your work and you are satisfied with the result obtained, save the output image by going to the File> Save As menu and choose the location in which to save the file. If you want to have more information on the general functioning of Photoshop, take a look at my in-depth study .

From smartphones and tablets

If you want to act as a smartphone and tablet , using one of Photoshop’s mobile transpositions, I recommend the use of Adobe Photoshop Express , available for free on Android (also on alternative stores to the Google Play Store) and iOS / iPadOS , which integrates a tool useful to complete the operation in question.

After installing the app, press the Next button to scroll through the information sheets describing its operation, access your Adobe ID (or log in with Google or Facebook ) and, after having granted it the necessary permissions to work, select the photos to edit.

Next, scroll through the tools at the bottom, tap on the patch icon and swipe your finger over the area where there are people. If you want to adjust the characteristics of the tool, click on the Advanced tab and use the menus and the appropriate buttons to do so. To remove people from the photo, swipe your finger on them and, when you get the desired result, press the Next button and select the save / share option you like best.

If you have an iPad , on the other hand, you can use the Photoshop app for iPadOS which offers most of the functions available in Photoshop for PC, “revised and corrected” by Adobe to be used at their best on the famous Apple tablet. The app is free for one month, after which it costs € 10.99 / month (if you have an active Photography plan starting at € 12.19 / month, it is included in the subscription).

If you want some more clarification about the use of these and other Photoshop apps , I refer you to reading the guide I dedicated to the subject. I am sure it will be useful to you.

How to delete people from photos with GIMP

Even GIMP , the best free Photoshop alternative available for Windows, macOS and Linux, allows you to remove people from photos in an extremely easy and fast way: let me explain how.

If you have not yet installed the program, connect to its official website and first press the Download xxxx button and the Download GIMP xxxx directly button , on the page that opens. Once the download is complete, open the installation file you just obtained and follow the wizard to complete the setup.

If you use Windows , then press the Yes , OK , Install and Finish buttons . If you are using a Mac , on the other hand, drag GIMP into the macOS Applications folder , right-click the program icon and select the Open item from the menu that opens twice in a row (this operation is only necessary at the first start of GIMP to “override ”MacOS restrictions on software from non-certified sources).

After installing and starting GIMP, select the Open … item from the File menu (top left) and select the image you want to import into the program. Then activate the patch tool and, if you deem it appropriate, modify the characteristics of the tool in question using the menus and options located in the Tool Options panel at the bottom left.

Select an image sample you want to use to cover the shape you want to remove from the photo by pressing Ctrl (on Windows) or cmd (on macOS) on the keyboard and clicking on it.

At this point, repeatedly click on the silhouette of the person you want to delete from the photo and, when finished, save the output photo by selecting the Save as … item from the File menu . If you want to learn more about the general functioning of GIMP, don’t hesitate to read the guides where I show how to use GIMP and how to edit photos with GIMP .

How to delete people from photos online

We conclude the article by seeing how to delete people from photos online . I’ll tell you about two useful solutions for this that I’m sure will be to your liking.


As I told you at the beginning of the post, it is possible to delete people from the photos by using some online services that work directly from the browser . One of the best on the market is Photopea , which works without having to register and, above all, without activating additional plugins. However, I would like to inform you that Photopea presents advertising banners (not at all invasive), which can be removed by subscribing to the Premium plan of the service starting from $ 3.33 per month.

To delete people from a photo with Photopea, first connect to the home page of the service , press the (x) to close the welcome message and, if necessary, translate the interface into Italian by selecting the Italian item from the More> Language menu (in top right). Now, open the photo you want to edit by selecting the Open item from the File menu and presses the patch symbol located on the toolbar, on the left.

As you can see, it is possible to use three tools to remove subjects from a shot: one of these is the zone reconstructor brush . To use it, you must select the size of the brush from the drop-down menu at the top left and perform repeated clicks on the person you intend to remove, or draw on his outline (it depends on the size of the brush you have decided to set and from the subject you want to remove).

The Builder Brush can also come in handy for removing people from a shot, especially if you weren’t able to do this with the Zone Builder Brush. To use it, you must first select the portion of the image to use to fill the object you want to delete by pressing on the keyboard the combination Alt + click and “draw” with the cursor on the area you want to cover.

If none of these tools have been helpful for you to remove subjects from a photo, you can use the patch tool . Using it is super simple: first, select the area where the subject you want to remove is present and cover it by dragging it over an area of ​​the photo you want to use as a swatch (it works pretty similar to the Photoshop patch tool I mentioned spoken in the first chapter ).

At the end of the work, select the Export as item from the File menu , choose the output format in which you want to export the photo you have worked on and, finally, press the Save button .


Let’s see, now, how to delete people from photos with Pixlr . This is a web application that works similar to the one mentioned in the previous chapter, but I propose it as a “second choice” to the latter, as it offers fewer tools for removing people from photos (and unwanted elements in general) .

How to use? To begin with, go to its main page and click on the Open image button to select the photo to edit or, alternatively, press the Load url button to paste the URL of a photo on the Web that you have previously copied.

Once you have chosen the photo of your interest, select the Heal tool (the patch icon located on the toolbar located on the left) and adjust the size of the brush ( Size ) and the method by which to eliminate unwanted elements from the image, choosing between Patch and Infill (top left, in correspondence with the wording Method ).

When finished, open the File> Save menu , choose the format and location to export the image and download it by clicking on the appropriate button.

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