How to delete old email addresses in Mac Mail

Mail stores a list of old email addresses so that users can access them when they want to send an email. However, it is convenient that you omit all those old addresses that you no longer need. For this reason, we recommend you read this article with which you will learn How to delete old email addresses in Mac Mail

What is Mail?

Mail is an application that allows the administration of emails for the management of instant messaging from a Mac computer. This service has a simple and very useful interface for users who want to keep their email messages organized and a series of tools such as the calendar by which you can easily create events from an iPhone .

Mail features

Mail allows you to add any email account in order for users to receive email messages to the platform without any inconvenience. So there is no need to log in from different sites if you have multiple accounts as Mail can manage all of them at the same time.

Importantly, Mail allows you to block specific messages from some people in order to maintain optimal inbox organization . In addition, it is possible to delete emails from Mail to free up space .

How to delete old email addresses in Mac Mail

If you want to delete old email addresses from a Mac computer, you must use the Mail application and follow a series of steps that you will find below.

Enter Mail

Locate the Mail icon and access it by clicking on it. If you can’t find it, go to the Microsoft Store website and download iCloud for Windows. When you enter Mail, you will see an interface that includes a menu of tools found at the top and the mailboxes: inbox, VIP contacts, drafts, sent, junk, trash and junk.

Locate the list of old email addresses

Once you access the Mail application, you should look for the option “Window” from the toolbar and select “Previous recipients”.

There, you need to find all the old email addresses that you want to delete. Use the column heading if you prefer to sort the items in the list or do the search manually. Once you find the address, click “Remove from list.”

Check the contacts app

Also, you can access the addresses stored in the “Contacts” app . To do this, double click on the card icon just before the address. If you can’t find the card and you prefer to keep the address in “Contacts”, then select the address and “Add contacts.” Finally, press the “Remove from list” button.

Relevant information that you should take into account

You can delete old email addresses if you have a predictive address book. To do this, click the envelope icon and in the box to add recipients, press the arrow in the address. In this way, you can choose the option to “remove” those old addresses that you do not want to see again in the list.

It is important to note that the list of “Previous Recipients” is only available in Mail for users of Mac OS X version 8.0 or higher computers or iPad OS mobile devices, only if they have signed in with Apple ID and are configuring iCloud with a synchronization of the contacts.

How do I delete a long list of old addresses?

If you have a long list of old addresses, the process of removing each one can be tedious and exhausting. To avoid this, you can select multiple addresses at the same time by pressing the “Shift + cmd” keys.

Consequently, you will be able to delete in Mail all those addresses that you have not written to for a long time or that no longer interest you. Not only can you delete old email addresses, but you can also choose to delete emails in Mail Mac without opening them . In this way, you will avoid opening unsafe or irrelevant emails.


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