How to delete old backups from my Apple Watch

We already know about the compatibility that exists between your iPhone and your Apple Watch and having little storage space , it may be due to the backups that the smartwatch keeps.

This is done for certain periods of time and in the long run can lead to serious space problems. For this reason we are going to teach you how to delete old backups from my Apple Watch.

This is a very efficient way to optimize your mobile device and discard everything that is needed for nothing. This cleanup can recover several gigs of memory, as old Apple Watch backups are usually very large files. But do not worry, this tutorial will give you the precise instructions and you can delete them forever.

The different tricks that we can teach you so that you can enjoy optimal performance of your electronic devices. They will always be available to you, as in the case when we show you how to force close an application on the Apple Watch when it is blocked. But this time you will learn how to delete old backups from my Apple Watch.

How to delete old backups from my Apple Watch

So we want to reclaim space on our iPhone device, then we need to delete the old backups from my Apple Watch. And in this way make the most of the memory of our mobile. For this we are going to proceed as follows and take a good look at the steps you must follow.

The first step to follow is to go to your iPhone and being in the home window you must choose Settings, when you enter this window look for and select the General option. In this new window you will look for the iPhone Storage option. We will enter this window and we will observe several categories and the space that each one of them occupies on the phone.

We can scroll down to find the application we need, in our case we must find Watch . When we find it we must click on it, when we do this we will see a kind of list at the bottom of the screen. In it are all the old backups that the system has saved.

Now we must eliminate these copies and we will have two options for this, first we can choose one by one from the list and we will eliminate it manually. The other option is to delete all old backup copies that exist, clicking on the option Delete all copies , this is the fastest way.

Erasing all old backups from my Apple Watch

This action may take a few minutes depending on how many old backups you have stored on your iPhone. And it will be ready, you will have done an important cleaning and recovered storage space on your mobile. This type of maintenance is necessary especially if you have an old watch.

Since you will surely have quite a few old backups saved, these are usually stored when an operating system update has been performed But it can be periodically updated when the system sees fit. Then these copies are stored in this place taking up space in your memory.

Although it is also true that backup copies are necessary, it is also true that cleaning those that are old and that have been stored for a long time. This is why it will be important that you do these maintenance and you can choose what you want or not to delete, the same you can do that applications that you no longer use and have space for new ones.

In this way we finish this interesting, instructive and simple tutorial that did not help us understand why the lack of memory in our iPhone device. And the right way to   delete old backups from my Apple Watch. So you can do periodic maintenance and erase information that is not necessary forever and only takes up memory space.


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