How to delete my profile from renew your Closet

Renew your Closet is one of the best platforms to buy and sell your new or used clothes and in good condition, they can be shoes, accessories, clothes and any garment you want. They can even be designer clothes. The App is very popular at the moment since it solves a lot and is super practical, in addition, it is a way to earn free money online and without leaving your home.

This App is part of a series of programs and Applications that are aimed at helping people with their sense of fashion . Many of them are even available from the PlayStore, which can help you choose  the best outfits for men and women.

This application has the same concept as Vinted in common , and is available for all Android cell phones. In this App you can also learn to sell your clothes and earn money.

I want to delete or cancel my account in Renew your Closet

The platform is available in different Latin American countries such as Chile, Colombia and Argentina, making this an ideal option to undertake in the world of clothing and give a total change to your closet. In addition, there are many celebrities who are already selling their clothes in Renew your Closet, this is very exciting because they  inspire other users  and are part of the community.

Many fashionistas love this App for being very complete, easy and safe to use, it allows you to carry out secure and transparent transactions from the comfort of your home which makes the process addictive, fun and very easy, something that is very striking is that it does not You have to leave your home to deliver the product, or go to the point of sale or define a meeting point with any of the buyers or sellers if this is the case.

But like everything in this world, there are many occasions where users want to delete their  Renew your Closet account , for whatever reason, you want to create an account and start from scratch or they simply no longer use it as before. Do you want to delete your Renew your Closet account? Don’t worry, here we teach you quickly and explain step by step how to delete your account and pause your products.

Being able to join and create an account in this application is super simple, as the years go by, more people want to join and be part of this platform , as well as this, there are also users who want to delete their account permanently, because they have a new or simple account, they don’t want to use it anymore.

We have to emphasize that if you complete the entire process of deleting your account you will not be able to recover your previous account or have it again, causing you to lose the followers, the likes you had previously and the sales you had made, unfortunately you will have to say goodbye to it forever, Unless you create a new account and can start from scratch.  

How to delete my profile from renew your Closet

Before deleting your account, we invite you to think carefully if you really want to do it, if this is the case, make sure 100% that you want to permanently delete your account from the platform. When you make a decision, you can follow the following explanation step by step:

  • The first thing you should do is go to the official page of Renew your Closet.
  • Complete your account details.
  • Click on your profile photo and a menu with more information will be displayed, click on where it says “settings”
  • At the bottom of the screen we can see where it says “Deactivate my closet”
  • A pop-up window will appear where it says Are you sure you want to deactivate your closet? Click on “YES, DEACTIVATE” and you’re done.

After this, your account should be deleted

The process of deleting your account is easy and simple, by agreeing to deactivate my account all your data will be automatically unlinked from the platform, this means that all the publications you have made will be paused , counting the sales, purchases and even the followers you had.

When you want to recover your account, you can re-enter by entering the platform and registering again. We recommend that when you create your account you affiliate with Facebook , since it is faster and easier to access your Renew your Closet again and you can start selling again.


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