How to delete friend requests sent on Facebook

In this post we will see how to delete friend requests sent on Facebook in a particular way, en masse and in one go . You can cancel all sent friend requests that you have pending at once.

In a previous post we have shown how to view your sent friend requests and this time I will show you how you can delete or cancel requests sent in bulk or in one go. There are basically two ways to cancel requests sent on Facebook. First is the ordinary way of eliminating them one by one , which in turn can be done in various ways. And second, eliminate the requests of a blow , to say, in bulk . Next, let’s look at these two methods.

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1. Delete requests submitted individually

1. If it’s just a request that you just sent or exactly remember the person you sent it to, go to their profile or bio .

2. Hover your mouse pointer over the Friend Request Sent button to the left of the Message button , above the cover photo.

3. You will be shown a pop-up menu, from which you must choose the Cancel request option , and that’s it.

This is the most direct and common way to cancel requests sent on Facebook. It is appropriate if you do it shortly after submitting the request, if you have in mind who you made the request and it is only a couple of them. In case there are several requests and you are not clear to whom you have sent them, the methods below are more appropriate.

2. Delete requests sent in bulk

If you have a lot of requests sent unanswered and you want to cancel them quickly, you can do it this way:

1. Go to your main Facebook page and choose the Friends option in the sidebar on the left.

2. On your Friends page you will be able to see the friend requests received, here click on the link See sent requests .

3. A window will open with a list of all your pending submitted requests, each with the Cancel button next to it. Click the Cancel button for each of the requests you want to delete.

Alternatively you can go directly to this link to delete requests sent from Facebook using the mobile version of the page.

That way you can quickly delete requests sent on Facebook, either all or part of them.

You also have the advantage that you can cancel and resend them using the Add button . This in case you still want to try to be accepted as a friend.

3. How to cancel all friend requests sent on Facebook

Facebook does not provide an option to cancel all friend requests sent, so we would have to do it one at a time. If you have a lot, luckily there is a trick to delete all requests sent in bulk instantly:

1. Log into Facebook on your PC using Google Chrome .

2. Now go to this link to delete submitted requests :


3. This is the mobile version of the submitted applications page. Scroll down to load them all .

4. Then press the F12 key . This opens a special window, related to the source code of the page.

5. Inside it, click on the Console tab and paste the following code :

javascript: varinputs = document.getElementsByClassName (‘_ 56bs _56bt’); for (var i = 0;i <inputs.length; i ++) {inputs [i] .click ();}

6 . Press the Enter key to delete all pending Facebook friend requests.

Now in each of these the Add button will appear , instead of Cancel. This means that the requests have been deleted.

If you want, using this button you can resend the request to the people you want, to see if they accept you this time.

Do you know if I cancel a friend request sent?

If you wonder what happens when you cancel a friend request on Facebook, you should know that it is something very normal. The truth is that the person in question will not notice, since Facebook does not send or display any notification.

In some cases, you may be able to tell, depending on when you cancel. If you submit a request, the user will be notified, so if you cancel it at that time, they may notice. But if you do it quickly, you may not even see the Facebook notification.

On the other hand, if I cancel a friend request sent a long time ago, they don’t notice. The person in question already ignored me at first, and it will not be noticed that that request disappeared from their list.


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