How to delete emails in Gmail

Gmail is a free email service developed by the Google corporation, which performs in general terms the functions of a messaging platform. But with some associated tools.

Google email belongs to the group of computer programs and services developed by the company. It was the object of study for more than a year and its formal launch took place on April 1, 2004; having as particularity a storage capacity of 15 GB shared with Google photos in which you can organize your photos and Google drive which has various functions.

Today Gmail offers more than an online messaging service when used on Android Smart devices; in the form of an account in order to obtain a personalized experience. As well as a support for attachments in “the cloud” (content storage tool).

On the other hand, and although Gmail has a large storage capacity, it is recommended to delete emails that no longer represent any importance to us. And one of the best methods for this is to select them according to a specific date .

Delete Gmail emails

Gmail has transcended language barriers by having more than 38 languages ​​available on the web today. It also has compatibility with most Internet access browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and of course Google Chrome updated to its latest version .

The messaging service has some positive aspects that are worth mentioning, including its “infinite storage capacity . ” When creating an email, Gmail is given 2.5 Gb to the user, which will increase as the space runs out.

However, for this space to be fully used it would be necessary for the person to receive more than fifty emails a day; and in any case the user could manage their messages and store only the truly important or necessary ones.

How to delete emails in Gmail according to a specific date?

Gmail allows its users to store and manage received emails according to their importance and relevance. This tool is essential, since the service will save the messages that have been received since the account was created; in other words, emails can be stored for ten years or even more.

If you have noticed that your email account has a large number of messages stored for a long period of time. You can remove them using the date messaging selection tool available in Gmail.

It is important to mention that to properly manage the stored emails, internet access is required at the moment, otherwise the process cannot be executed.

Steps to delete emails in Gmail based on specific date

  • First, log into the messaging service as you normally do on your mobile device or computer.
  • Enter the search panel located at the top of the screen (it is symbolized by a Magnifying Glass).
  • Now write the following word: “before” , this means “before” . And followed by this I put a specific date. Example: before: 04/01/2016 (this means in Spanish before 04/01/2016).
  • Use a date when you think all the messages you want to delete are found.
  • Then click on the magnifying glass and wait for the manager to show you all the messages after this date.
  • You can select manually each message by long-pressing on them, or for practical purposes and quickly you can select from “all” .
  • Entering in an option box located between the list of messages and the search panel.
  • Then click on the trash can icon to remove them from received messages.
  • Then you will have to go to the trash section to permanently delete them.

Of course, if you are still not sure about eliminating them, you can keep them there for up to thirty days. And in case you want to restore them, you can do it without major setback.

In this way you can select and delete Gmail emails, according to the date, taking into account that although it is not a necessary action , it is important, so as not to accumulate unnecessary emails.


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