How to Delete Badoo Chat Conversations

Social networks have become the main focus to make friends, those who believe in cyber love are faithful to applications like Badoo to be able to meet someone who catches their attention and see if it is possible to establish a serious relationship or just download the app to meet and date.

Badoo is not an unusual application, like other social networks it has functions such as uploading photos, chatting, etc. However, its main objective is to provide a bridge to people who want to meet their future partner through this means. That said, in this post we will teach you how to delete Badoo chat conversations step by step .

How to Delete Badoo Chat Conversations – Delete Everything step by step

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  1. How can I delete the images I’ve sent on Badoo?
  2. What happens when I delete a Badoo chat?
  3. How can I delete a conversation on Badoo?
  4. Procedure to permanently delete all Badoo conversations

How can I delete the images I’ve sent on Badoo?

The types of profile photos posted on the Badoo app are a key factor in motivating other users to approach you, so thinking carefully about the images you are going to upload will depend a lot on the type of relationship you want to achieve. So if you think that some of your photos do not reveal what you want to make known or, on the contrary, they give a bad image of you, do not hesitate to delete them.

For this reason, please pay attention to the steps below to show you how you can  delete all submitted photos on Badoo . First, log in to the application by entering your username and password. Then, click on your profile and select ‘delete’ .

As long as you have completed that step, you must click on the photos option where all the images and albums you have created will appear. The safest option for deleting your photos is to delete them one by one, rather than selecting them all at once.

What happens when I delete a Badoo chat?

The chat function to establish friendships and possible future relationships is an essential element in social networks. However, if you are an active user, the accumulation of messages can slow down and fill the storage capacity of your mobile device, hence it is best to delete them, but what happens when you delete a Badoo chat ?

Before deciding to delete a chat, first think about whether you will not need it later because you will not be able to recover it again as long as you have deleted it, so you must be sure of what you are going to do. On the other hand, if you consider it necessary to delete old chats, the ideal is to do so because that way you will have more space to contact new friends.

How can I delete a conversation on Badoo?

Deleting conversations on Badoo is really easy and simple, in the same way we want to warn you that when you decide to delete a conversation you would be deleting all the images and videos sent to a certain chat. Therefore, this part explains how you can delete a conversation .

If you use the Badoo application on your Smartphone, you must open ‘messages ‘ to select the chat you want to delete, then in one corner the contact options will be displayed where the last one is to delete the chat.

Procedure to permanently delete all Badoo conversations

One negative aspect of this social network is that it does not have a function that suddenly deletes all the conversations in your Badoo chat. However, we will easily teach you the procedure to permanently delete all Badoo conversations , whether you use the Badoo App from a computer or your mobile device.

The first thing you should do is open the application and click on your profile where a menu with different options will appear, you must access ‘settings’ located at the top left of the profile icon. In configuration, a menu will open in which you must click on the option ‘delete account’.

Once inside, you will see several options showing the ‘delete messages’. It is important to click on a purple button that will allow you to continue in the application. If you execute all these steps correctly, you will be permanently deleting all Badoo conversations. We hope this post has answered all your questions.


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