How to delete an Ubuntu hard drive partition from Windows?

It is possible that you manage several operating systems on your computer. If for some reason, you no longer want to have Ubuntu system and you want to know how to delete Ubuntu hard drive partition from Windows? , then keep reading this interesting article.

The usefulness of partitions or volumes

Some users handle multiple management and control tasks on their computers. For this reason, they prefer to install multiple operating systems on multiple partitions. However, when they decide to remove one of the platforms, it is possible to reuse its volume in order to allocate it to the remaining hard disk space.

Next, we explain everything you need to know to delete an Ubuntu hard drive partition from Windows without affecting the boot of your favorite system.

How to delete an Ubuntu hard drive partition from Windows?

If your hard drive has several partitions and in one of them you have installed the Ubuntu system, but you want to reuse this space, then we advise you to delete the partition in Windows using the following steps.

Enter the Windows “Run” window

To enter the Windows 10 “Run” window , press the “Win + R” keys so that you can type the name of the application you need to delete the Ubuntu partition.

Access the “Disk Manager”

Once you enter the Windows “Run” window, type diskmgmt.msc in the text box and press the “Enter” key to enter the “Disk Manager”. With this tool you will be able to visualize each volume of your hard disk, its distribution, capacity and the available space of each one.

At the bottom of the panel, you will see a graph showing the unallocated disk space (with a black bar) and the correct primary partitions (with a blue bar)

Select the Ubuntu hard drive partition

Locate the Ubuntu hard drive partition and right-click on it. You will see a list of options where you should choose “Delete volume”. Before “Delete the volume” , make sure that this partition is not the boot volume since by doing this process you will lose the operating system boot.

It is important to note that if you are running Windows, you will not be able to delete its recovery partitions because this could affect the system. When you choose the option “Delete volume” you will see in the graphic the message “Unassigned” right on the volume that corresponded to the Ubuntu system.

Reassign the volume

Press the right mouse button on disk C and choose the option “Extend volume” in order to increase the size of the disk with the unallocated space . Also, you can merge two partitions of the disk without any inconvenience to take advantage of the storage unit in an efficient way.

Repair Windows startup

By deleting the Ubuntu hard drive partition, you will lose the dual boot settings . For this reason, it is necessary that you locate the Windows installation CD to repair the boot loader and in this way you will start the Windows 10 system normally.

Repair the boot of your Windows system

Insert the Windows installation CD and boot the system from the CD / DVD drive . Once the installation CD runs, select “Repair System.” Then, in the command window, type bootrec / fixboot and hit the “Enter” key. Next, type bootrec / fixmbr and press “Enter.” Finally, restart your computer.

If you prefer to safely remove a partition from your Ubuntu hard drive without losing Windows startup, we recommend the Boot Repair Disk tool .

Safely remove a partition from Ubuntu hard drive with Boot Repair Disk

Boot Repair Disk is an effective tool for removing operating systems from boot options, safely deleting partitions, or resizing hard drive partitions .


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