How to delete all my voice recordings from Google Assistant?

With all the great advances that technology has had, it is common now that virtual assistants are not lacking in all homes. Although many may not believe it, these assistants are excellent at helping us to note important dates, pending purchase items in the house, alarms, etc. It is for that reason that more and more people are choosing to activate and install these useful wizards .

However, many people still wonder how companies manage to manage our questions in such a way that the system does not become saturated.

In the case of Google, the company has used its “Google Assistant” a sophisticated system of voice commands, which help you with the different tasks that you are going to entrust. This includes everyday tasks such as knowing the weather, placing a song, listening to the news, organizing photos , or even being able to change the voice of said assistant according to your preference.

With all the fame of it, the assistant is available both on Smartphone devices and on some smart speakers, such as Google Home, which also works with some clocks and even televisions through the configuration of Android devices .

However, for this system to be able to work 100%, it is necessary that the same assistant “record your voice and audio inputs” all this in order to improve the services that Google offers you.

In this post we will teach you how to delete these recordings in order to free up a little space inside your device and also to maintain your privacy.

This is a task that you can do as many times as you want, however, take into account that this is the way in which the system helps you to recognize some things in advance and the way in which they improve their prediction.

Delete audio recordings

If you wish, you can access the activities that you have carried out and that are associated with your voice and audio, if you log into your Google account. For this, it is important that you enter the “Data and personalization” section , after that, you only have to enter the “Voice and audio activity” tab .

When you are inside it, you only have to enter the “Manage activity” section, it is here, where we can have full access to voice inputs, which will also be organized by date and time.

You can delete all the recordings separately, or if you want, do it all at once. If you decide to go for the first case, you just have to click on the ” menu ” button and locate the fragment you want to delete, if they are all, just press them and then click on the ” Delete ” button.

Likewise, you can get rid of all the recordings that are in audio format and click on the ” More ” menu that you will find on the right, in order to press the “Delete activity” button, here you can do it by date and do them all at the time. Once ready, just press Delete and you’re done.

How to disable audio recordings?

If, in addition to deleting all the recordings that are on the device previously, you want to do without this service, it is possible that you also deactivate the function of the audio recordings in such a way that they will no longer occur in the future

To be able to do this, you just have to go to your Google account, and entering the “Data and personalization” section, go to the option “Voice and audio activity “. All you have to do is press the switch and in this way you can put the voice and audio activity on pause.


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