How to delete all my badoo photos

Badoo is an interesting social network that has been helping both men and women to find their better half for a long time, giving rise to the birth of multiple love relationships or even the opening of friendships with other people. However, it is clear that, when that moment arrives when we meet our better half, we may not want to continue keeping our photos available on the social network, since this can make other people interested in us and then the problems begin to appear. problems. In any case, we are going to present you with this tutorial with which we will try to help you learn how to delete all your Badoo photos , so that, if necessary, you know the best way to proceed.

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  • How to delete a photo from the internet
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    • How to delete a photo on Badoo
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How to delete a photo from the internet

Before starting with the tutorial I would like to make a small point, and it is important to bear in mind that everything we upload to the Internet stays on the Internet, even if we delete our images, videos, etc., they will remain on servers for a long time and, in some cases, it even becomes impossible to make them disappear altogether.

For this reason, our first advice is that you only upload those images that you do not care about remaining on the Internet, and if you have any doubts about any of them, the most sensible thing is not to upload them, especially if it compromises us in some way. for the present or even in the future, that many times we do not think about it but it always ends up arriving.

With that being said, let’s learn how to delete all photos from Badoo.

Options to delete all my photos from Badoo

There are different alternatives when it comes to cleaning our social network, which range from deleting a certain photo to completely deleting our account. In any case, the choice will depend on each one of you, which is why here we are going to indicate the three most common alternatives with a brief explanation of how to proceed and you already choose the one that suits you best.

How to delete a photo on Badoo

The first option, which you most likely already know because you may have used it, basically focuses on deleting one by one the photos that we do not want to continue on the Badoo social network .

Obviously, the objective of this process is to remove only certain photos, allowing the rest of the albums and captures to continue uploading, since otherwise, deleting everything in this way could become very cumbersome and take too much time.

In this case, all we have to do is click on the image that we want to delete and we will see the delete option at the top, so we only have to select it and immediately we will see that the photo disappears.

How to delete an album on Badoo

However, there is also the possibility that we do not want to delete just one photo, but prefer to delete an entire album, several albums or even all the albums that we have uploaded. This is the highest level of photo deletion that the social network will allow us, that is, there is no other alternative at the moment that allows us to delete all the albums at once , but we can always go one by one until we remove all those that we do not want to appear.

In this case we will only have to enter the album that we want to delete and click on “ Delete album ” that we will see at the bottom of the screen. This will give us access to a new window where we may have to uncheck the box that makes the album private. Once this is done, we will see that the button appears to permanently delete the album , which means that all the photos that are stored in it will disappear.

Now we just have to repeat the process with each of the albums that we want to delete.

How to delete a badoo account

Finally, if what we want is to delete all the Badoo photos at once and get rid of our account, in that case what we have to do is delete the Badoo account . To do this we are going to access the configuration section that we will locate in the upper right corner once we have logged into our account.

Various options will appear, but in our case we will go down to the bottom until we find the option “ Delete your account ”. We click on it and a new page will appear in which we will be indicated a series of steps that we must carry out and considerations to take into account before proceeding with the definitive deletion of the account.

We must not forget that once we delete the Badoo account, all the photo albums will be deleted automatically .


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