How to delete a WhatsApp message after the time limit?

It has happened to all of them that they send a message and then regret it, but they realize that the time for elimination has passed. But, do not despair, since there are ways on how to delete a WhatsApp message after the time limit.

This adaptation was launched at the end of 2017, initially it had a great acceptance by more than 56% of users. However, there is currently a struggle to expand the time frames for deleting messages.

In order to opt for this tool, it is recommended that you have your version of WhatsApp updated either on Android or iPhone.

According to some specialized sites, it is expected that the continuity of the time this period will be extended to 68 minutes or not have limitations. However, users have created certain shortcuts or tricks to delete a WhatsApp message after the time limit.

If the message or you sent to a group, it is best to make someone see your message, in the event that some members of the group have read the message you can check who read it and what time they read it.

Practical guide on deleting a WhatsApp message after the time limit

Like any program, learning how to delete a WhatsApp message after the time limit is really simple. It consists of the following steps:

Activate “Airplane Mode”

The first step to delete a message, the first thing to do is activate the “Airplane” mode on the phone. This measure is based on disconnecting the phone from the internet so that it can absorb all the functions.

For those who do not know how to get to this step, in most devices it is in the upper headband. Press the button and wait for the function to run in the operating system.

Force stop on WhatsApp

After placing the equipment in airplane mode, you have to enter the settings, scroll down until you find the “Applications” button, click on it. Then, locate the App in the list of applications.

Immediately, you will enter a private profile where other application data will appear, including size and use in the day. But, a button will appear in the upper area that will say ” Force stop “, click on it.

This function will cause the WhatsApp to close unexpectedly, so it works perfectly for the restart of the App when re-entering.

Change time and date on phone

The final step is to locate the button for setting the date and time at the end of the list of tools. Once inside, another list will be displayed, only it will have a command for said modification.

A tip is to delay the time approximately 13 – 18 hours at least , in order for the trick to work.

Deleting the message

To verify that a WhatsApp message was deleted after the time limit, you have to access support. It is normal that it takes a little while to enter the detention, wait 10 to 15 minutes.

Now, you must enter the conversation of the problem and select the message that is expected to be deleted. Once the garbage can is pressed, the information box with the “ Delete for all ” button should be displayed .

Then, return to the configuration panel and place all the commands correctly to continue with the processes on the cell phone. If it doesn’t work out, you can repeat the step or delete all the elements made with the application.

You can do a test of all the steps that we have explained to you by sending an empty WhatsApp message and thus check that you have understood how to delete WhatsApp messages.

Is it important to use the measure?

This is an abstract response, since before sending the information, the ideal thing is for the user to verify and evaluate whether it is fruitful to issue said message. However, the ” Delete for all ” mode was designed to delete text boxes within a conversation.

It was also designed so that the recipient cannot see the data in the message after viewing the notification. Currently, it has a time period of no more than 68 minutes , that is, after these minutes the action cannot be executed.

If, on the contrary, you want to store all the conversations and chats that you have in the WhatsApp application, with an account in Google Drive you can make a backup of your conversations.


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