How to delete a video from your Facebook profile

When uploading a video to our Facebook account or profile, it may happen to us that for some reason we want to delete said video, fortunately this platform has different tools and options. One of them is to delete videos from our profile . But what if we don’t know how videos are deleted from our profile in the different versions of Facebook? Next we will teach you some tips, tricks and methods on how it is done.

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  1. What is the way you can delete a profile video on your Facebook account?
  2. What should you do to delete videos from your Facebook posts using the app or PC?
    1. With Android or iOS
    2. Using the desktop version
  3. How can you delete all watched videos from your Facebook account?

What is the way you can delete a profile video on your Facebook account?

The amount of options that Facebook offers us is enormous, since to delete one or more videos from our personal profile on the platform, we have to do it through the settings of the video to be deleted , this can be seen by pressing the 3 points at the top of every post on your profile.

What should you do to delete videos from your Facebook posts using the app or PC?

Fortunately, these configurations can be done from the 3 versions of Facebook at present, since it is only a matter of entering our profile and looking for the content to delete, in addition to following certain instructions and tips, here they are shown below.

With Android or iOS

  • From our device with the iOS or Android operating system with the software in its latest version , we access the Facebook application.
  • When starting the Facebook application, we will be asked for all our personal data to log in with our account.
  • In the interface that the platform shows us, we will click on our photo to access our Facebook profile.
  • We slide down until we find the video that we want to delete.
  • In each of the published videos 3 vertical points will appear, we will click on them.
  • A series of options is shown to us on our screen, then we will click on “Move to the trash can”.
  • They will ask us if we want to move the publication to the trash, we confirm by pressing the blue button that says “Move”.

Something worth mentioning is that, when moving the videos to the trash, they will not appear again on our profile, but rather they will be moved to the Facebook trash and will be completely deleted after about 30 days, so In that period of time we are allowed to recover the video and if we wish we can also restore it.

Using the desktop version

  • Using any of our browsers in its latest version , we will enter the official Facebook page.
  • With our personal data, we will enter our account.
  • In the upper right corner there is an arrow, by clicking on it we enter “View your profile”.
  • Using the mouse wheel, we scroll down until we find the publication of the video to delete.
  • Just to the right of our name we will see 3 points, click on these.
  • We press the option that says “Move to the trash” and confirm.

How can you delete all watched videos from your Facebook account?

This option does not involve entering our profile as such, but rather uses a Facebook tool called “View activity log” , which allows us to enter the trash, access our searches and of course, delete the history of videos seen on Facebook , for this process we only have to follow a series of instructions, which are shown below:

  • From our computer or mobile device, we will log into any of the versions of Facebook.
  • We click on our account from the arrow in the upper right corner.
  • We will scroll through the different options until we find the “Activity Log”.
  • Within it, we look for the watched videos tab and we will enter it.
  • Here we can see an immense list of videos that we have observed since we opened the account, we click on the filters button.
  • Just in the upper right corner, we will see a blue button that says “Delete all”, we press it and confirm the action.

By making contact with the technical service of the Facebook platform , we can solve our problems by deleting the videos or making use of the different tools that it offers us, this through contact by personal email or an update of the app by the staff of the platform.

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