How to delete a video call from your WhatsApp

Almost all instant messaging applications today allow users to make video and audio calls . WhatsApp is on the list of such instant messaging apps. With this application you can not only chat, but you can also talk live with the other party.

The WhatsApp application saves the records of each call in your user data. From time to time it is good to erase this kind of history from the cell phone, so as not to have so much data in the call logs. In short, we will show how to delete the history of all your calls on WhatsApp and a few other things.

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  1. In what way can you delete the history of video calls and calls from your WhatsApp?
  2. What should you do to delete the accidental video call and not reach the other person?
    1. On your Android mobile
    2. From your iPhone
  3. How to delete a group video call from the registry?

In what way can you delete the history of video calls and calls from your WhatsApp?

Deleting a WhatsApp status or the entire list of call history on WhatsApp is a very simple thing to do. With a couple of steps, you can completely remove all of this data. Pay attention to how to delete this history on a mobile with Android system:

  • Enter the WhatsApp application on your mobile.
  • Press the ‘Calls’ section (To view all the calls and video calls you have made).
  • Press and hold the call you want to delete and then choose the ‘Mark all’ option.
  • Finally, click on ‘Delete’, on ‘Delete’ or the trash can icon.

With this, the whole process to delete the history of your calls from a mobile with Android operating system would end . To delete the history of your WhatsApp calls from an iOS device, you must follow the next process:

  • Enter the WhatsApp application.
  • Press the ‘Calls’ section.
  • Press and hold any call to select it, then press the ‘Mark all’ option.
  • To finish, press where it says ‘Delete all’.

This is the fastest way to erase all your call history on WhatsApp. In addition to deleting the history of your calls, you can also delete the WhatsApp app leaving the chats intact .

What should you do to delete the accidental video call and not reach the other person?

The times you accidentally make a video call on WhatsApp and don’t want the other party to realize that you tried to call them, you can delete that call before they see the notification. This kind of function is one of the best features that WhatsApp developers offer their users.

Please pay attention to the process steps to delete these accidental video calls from Android and iOS system devices.

On your Android mobile

With Android system mobiles, everything is much easier and also simple to do. You have to open the application and do the following:

  • Look for the ‘Calls’ section (Such a section is next to the ‘States’ section).
  • Once you locate it, select it.
  • When you are inside it, look for the accidental call that you have made.
  • When locating it, press and hold it and tap the icon in the shape of a trash can.

Already with this, it would end the whole process, but it will only work if you delete that call immediately. That is, if you do not rush to delete it, the other person will know that you called.

In case you did not know, there is a way to improve the quality of your calls on WhatsApp , you can apply it in your future calls. The video calls WhatsApp are set in low quality by default, if there is no internet where you live so fast. But if your internet connection is fast it is better that you deactivate this function.

From your iPhone

From iPhone mobile phones with iOS operating system , the process to be used is very similar to that of Android. Pay attention to it:

  • Open the WhatsApp application.
  • Locate the ‘Calls’ section.
  • Look for that call you accidentally made.
  • When you have it located, press and hold it, press the trash can icon at the top of the application and confirm that you want to delete this call.

As we said before, to prevent the other person from seeing that you have called, you have to be quick. However, even if you are quick, there is a chance that the other party will see that you are making a call . This is only if the user is active at the same time.

How to delete a group video call from the registry?

WhatsApp allows you to make group calls with multiple friends in order to share with multiple people at the same time. These kinds of calls are also saved in the history of your WhatsApp account and can also be deleted. To do this, you must:

  • Open the WhatsApp app.
  • Enter the ‘Calls’ section.
  • Find the group call.
  • When you see it, keep it pressed, choose the icon in the shape of a trash can, confirm the action of deleting that group call and everything will be ready.

This is the process to run to clear the call history . If you have problems deleting this history, check the fault with WhatsApp technical support.

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