How to delete a Microsoft account

If your Microsoft account (UZ) has been ruined by ill-wishers or duplication of data has gone, delve into the information on how to delete an outdated Microsoft account. It will take no more than two minutes to read a guide of 3 subtopics.

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How to Delete Microsoft Account on Windows 10: An In-depth Debriefing

It will not work to nail the Microsoft account if this is the only way to log into the computer . In this case, you need to create a local account with admin rights. Click: Start → Settings (gear icon) → Accounts. In the window that opens, select “Family and …”. On the right we are looking for the “Add User” button.

You need to add without entering email. mail. To complete the process, you need to change the account status from user to admin.

Now let’s figure out how to remove an account associated with Microsoft from a  laptop or computer. The first way is the simplest:

  • We load the system from an alternative admin UZ.
  • Open the list of accounts (see above for how to do this).
  • Choose “Delete”.
  • We confirm the action.

It is no coincidence that Windows asked for confirmation before uninstalling. After completing the procedure, desktop icons, docks and other standard folders associated with a specific user are destroyed. If you need to leave them, instead of confirming, we hang up and select the 2nd method: Start → Control Panel → UZ Users → Delete Accounts. We click on the Microsoft record and nail it down. The OS will offer 3 options:

  1. delete files,
  2. save,
  3. change your mind altogether.

We choose “Save”. After that, access to the files of the Microsoft UZ becomes possible from the desktop.

You can also bypass Microsoft accounting. For this you need:

  • In the UZ, select the item – Enter instead of this from a regular account.
  • The window for switching to the local UZ will open. You need to enter a password.
  • In the window that opens, enter new data for user identification: name, password and hint.

After that, the system will restart, and you can continue to work under the new account.

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How to delete a Microsoft account on the site

If the deletion of a Microsoft account on your computer was successful, this does not mean that MS no longer has information about you. The data remains on their server . To clean them up, you need to nail your Microsoft account. However, before deciding to take this step, it is advisable to understand the consequences. After closing your account, you will not be able to use:

  1. by postal services of the company: Outlook, Hotmail, etc .;
  2. files uploaded to the cloud;
  3. personal info from Xbox Live.

After the next reinstallation of Skype, contacts will not automatically be pulled up. If you use the paid features of the messenger, your account balance will burn out. Office licenses will be lost . In general, the corporation does not recommend closing an account without good reason.

If you nevertheless decide, you need:

  • Open the account login form at: It is advisable to do this in the Edge browser and from your computer – it will be easier to log in, otherwise you will have to go through the verification through another mailbox.
  • After authorization, a warning window will appear with information about what will happen if you delete your Microsoft account, how the functioning of the corresponding services will change. Click “Next”.
  • In the new window, select the items with checkmarks, confirm that we are ready to lose information, and so on. At the bottom of the window, select the reason for closing your account. We click “Mark for closing”.

After completing the procedure, the account will not be deleted immediately. Microsoft leaves an opportunity for comrades who change their minds, which can be used for 60 days. To reanimate the account, you just need to log in to and agree to the restoration.

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How to remove your Microsoft account from your phone

The manipulations done in the 2nd section of the article can be done on a smartphone . An algorithm that will help you figure out how to delete an account with a Microsoft account from your phone:

  1. Find the MS portal.
  2. In the upper right corner, click on the profile icon.
  3. We get into the MS account.
  4. Here you need to repeat step 2. In the drop-down menu, click on the avatar.
  5. The avatar editing screen opens, at the bottom of which there is a transition to closing the account.
  6. Click on the link “How to close …”.
  7. We confirm the account, for example, by switching from mail or password.
  8. We refuse spam.
  9. Next, we are waiting for the familiar warning screen.
  10. We put down the checkboxes and choose the reason for closing the account.

The last 2 points repeat those described at the end of the 2nd section of the article. Likewise, MS gives 60 days to change its mind. During this period, you can restore your account in a similar way.

Let’s briefly touch on a slightly different topic – deleting the main MS account in Win Mobile. In this case, only resetting the smartphone to its original settings will help.

Finally, we will give the dubious reasons pushing users to delete the MS account on the PC:

Cause Alternative solution
Windows  on a single-user home computer requires a password to enter and after exiting hibernation You can also disable password entry without deleting the Microsoft account
There is a desire to maintain confidentiality MS Personal Data Opt-Out is configured differently. Hiding email from them is not very logical, especially for a user who often uses mail to register on little-known sites

If you nevertheless decide to delete the account of the ubiquitous Microsoft in Windows 10 – think about how to save up exclusive information that may disappear after the execution.


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