How to delete a keylogger

Do you think that someone is spying on your computer and that a keylogger has been installed inside it ? If this were really the case, you should immediately get to work to figure out how to delete a keylogger.

Unfortunately, it is very easy to insert a keylogger into a PC if it does not have adequate protection and it is often not easy to understand if there is a keylogger installed .

So I want to help you and give you some little advice to try to delete a keylogger but to do this I must first spend a few words to make you understand what a keylogger is, I promise to be as concise as possible.


  • Delete a keylogger
    • Remove a keylogger

Delete a keylogger

Wanting to give a more or less coarse definition of the keylogger we can start from its English translation or “annotation of keys” which gives a good idea. The keylogger can be considered as a system to record the keys pressed by a person on a device (in our case the keyboard); in this way it will be possible to trace the user and password used by the user and also intercept conversations via chat. So a keylogger is in fact a technique for computer wiretapping whose main use can only be obviously illegitimate.

A keylogger can be a software program (via a well-disguised process that intercepts and records all keystrokes) or even a hardware device (via a particular hidden device that stands between the keyboard and the computer and records keystrokes). Obviously the hardware keylogger is easier to find even if there are practically invisible models.

The software keylogger, on the other hand, is more insidious because it hides itself within the operating system; it is a malware program or process active on a computer without the user’s knowledge that records all keystrokes and eventually transmits them via the internet. The operation of a software keylogger is therefore very simple but it is often difficult to identify them because their processes take common names used by fundamental computer processes.

On the internet you will find many more or less insidious software keyloggers (for example Spyrix Keylogger or Hooker).

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Remove a keylogger

Now that you have a rough understanding of how a Keylogger works, let’s see how to delete a keylogger. In principle, since a Keylogger is nothing more than a   malware  (i.e. malicious software), the first thing you can do is install a good antivirus supported by  anti-malware software . This way you will be able to remove a not too insidious keylogger.

First then run a scan with your antivirus and download a good antimalware. In  this  guide I will list the best free anti-malware programs; I suggest you to try Malwarebytes is a very popular anti malware available in free version (without runtime control) and in paid version both compatible with all versions of windows. Alternatively you can use and  IOBit Malware Fighter  which offers real-time protection.

As I told you, an antimalware is able to eliminate a keylogger that is not too insidious but there are Keyloggers that escape these security systems. So how to remove a keylogger of this type? Simple, there are programs created exclusively to remove a Keylogger that have a very large database and are able to eliminate practically all the tireless Keyloggers on PCs. As you can understand, these are very specific software and therefore not entirely free.

One of these software that also allows you to download a free version is SpyShelter Anti Keylogger although with very limited functionality compared to the paid version.

So, in conclusion, to remove a keylogger in principle you will need a good antivirus assisted by an anti malware program; However, if you are absolutely sure that there is a Keylogger in your computer and you want to try a program dedicated exclusively to eliminating a keylogger you can try SpyShelter Anti Keylogger which offers a free version.


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