How to defrost the car windshield

When temperatures reach almost zero (or even less), it could easily happen that you have to defrost the car windows : how to do it in a few minutes?

How to prevent ice on the windshield?

Let’s find out together.

How to prevent ice on the windshield

Drivers who are used to keeping their cars outside, without a garage or cover, know it well: prevention is better.

For this reason, the first advice we give you is this: in the presence of very cold temperatures, after parking, immediately worry about spreading a piece of cardboard, a sheet or whatever else on the windscreen, in order to avoid the formation of ice.

Alternatively, if you park outside but in a fenced-in place (to avoid theft), you can opt for a convenient ad hoc cover, which can be purchased in specialized stores or online.

Also, to prevent ice from forming, you can apply water and vinegar (3 parts vinegar and 1 part water) to the car window.

What if you haven’t been foresight? Let’s find out how to defrost the frozen windshield.

Defrosting the windshield: what to watch out for

Now the problem is there, the glass is frozen and you have very little time to do so: now we understand how to defrost the windshield in the fastest way possible .

If you are lucky, you can take advantage of the heated windscreen, supplied as an option by many car manufacturers: in practice it is a defroster, like that of the rear window, which evenly heats the glass and de-ices it in a few moments.

If not, first of all, remember that you must eliminate the ice on the windshield without strong and sudden thermal changes, because these could compromise the strength of the glass and break it.

Economical methods of defrosting the windshield

For this reason, if you don’t have a heated windshield, the choice to get in the car and “shoot” the hot air at it is never a good idea. Rather, start the car and then the air, always at a minimum and not too hot.

Even so, however, it will take a while to defrost the glass; to hurry you will have to integrate with another system.

One of the fastest and cheapest ways to act directly on the outer layer of ice is to fill a bottle (or any container, even a plastic bag) with at least one liter of water (at most lukewarm) and throw it very slowly on the windshield. .

A similar remedy is to make a homemade mixture of 2 parts alcohol and 1 part water, placing it in a container to pour (or spray) it on the frozen glass to defrost it. We advise you to let the mixture act for about a minute.

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Other tips for defrosting the windshield

Alternatively, there are various ice scrapers on the market , which are practical, economical, small and always ready for use.

They are easily found everywhere, so we recommend them to remove the ice without scratching the glass: their delicate effectiveness is guaranteed by the rubber band that does not leave invasive marks on the windshield.

Another quick remedy is the defrost spray : the latter is specially created to lower the freezing temperature and is able to melt any sheet of ice in a few moments.

Unfortunately, the use of these products introduces chemicals that can damage the environment; in addition, the bottles are small and therefore run out quickly. For these reasons we advise you to keep a spare one in your car or at home just to easily solve an emergency situation.

In any case, our advice is always to take action to try to prevent ice on the windshield, rather than fighting against it once it has formed.


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