How to Defeat the Twisted Puppet In Guild Wars 2

The Twisted Puppet returned to Guild Wars 2 after 7 years with the July 13 patch. But in the beginning, many groups have problems with the world boss. DLPrivateServer editor Alexander Leitsch, who has over 7,500 hours of gameplay on GW2, reveals how you can defeat Twisted Marionette.

What is the problem with the puppet? The fight against the puppet requires some coordination because there are 5 lanes that the players have to defend in the course of the fight. Each lane requires at least 5 and ideally 10 players, so a team of 25 to 50 players is recommended.

The easiest way to find a group that relates to the puppet is currently using the LFG tool. However, you should keep in mind that the fight will not be that easy.

This is how you start the fight against the puppet: To start the fight against the new boss, you must travel to the North Eye area – waypoint (& BAkMAAA =). There you run to Aurene and talk to the group of spies.

Here you can enter the fight against the twisted puppet either in public version (always at odd hours and only during the event) or with a private squad.

This is how you get into the fight with Twisted Puppet.

Below I explain what phases there are in the boss fight and what you should pay attention to. You can learn more about the puppet’s background in our interview with lead designer Joe Kimmes:

Guild Wars 2 brings back one of the greatest bosses of all time: reveal details of the process and rewards.

The lane phases

Most of the time you will be in the lane phase. You have to defend your lane and prevent enemies from crossing the portal.

Each mob that passes through the portal charges the Aether Cannon a little more. Even a glitch in boss platform battles will continue to load the cannon. If the ether cannon is full, you lose the boss fight.

To prevent enemies from reaching the portal, you can use CC, kill them, and build barricades that make it difficult for them to pass through the lane. Your main objective should be to kill the champions.

This is what the map looks like with all 5 lanes.

The boss phase

The really interesting phase is what is known as the boss phase. While the other 4 lanes continue to fight the invading mobs, one lane can enter the 5 boss platforms through a portal, making it random where you land. During this time, the lane is no longer attacked by mobs.

Each of the five platforms has a different boss and mechanic. However, the following applies to all bosses:

  • Avoid standing in area of ​​effect fields
  • Use CC skills
  • Try to cause as much damage as possible, because you only have 2 minutes to kill.
  • As soon as your boss has been defeated, you will receive an ability on the Special Action Key. You should activate it, because it gives the other players who are currently fighting bosses boons and revives them from the lower state.

If all 5 platforms have managed to defeat their boss, the puppet loses a chain. If the puppet has lost all 5 chains, the fight is won.

The different mechanics of bosses

Regulator monitoring I:

  • This boss only takes damage if you attack him from the side or from behind.
  • He also regularly summons other mobs to come to his aid.
  • Therefore, the player with the aggro must stand in front of him so that the other players can attack him from different positions.
  • You can also break his break bar with CC to stun him for a short time and walk behind him.

Regulator Clock II:

  • This boss turns deadly and is invulnerable in the process.
  • You have to pull him over the mines that appear on his platform to stun him and make him so vulnerable.

Regulator Clock III:

  • This boss is particularly based on AoE effects, which you should definitely avoid
  • However, it is otherwise quite slow and can be kite by super long-range fighters

Regulator Clock IV:

  • This boss relies on flying projectiles that you can avoid by kitesurfing
  • However, the boss also uses AoE abilities, so you need to be careful when navigating.

Regulator clock V :

  • This boss aims at a target and then charges towards it. You should avoid this attack
  • If you defeat the boss, it will split into 2 weaker versions. These 2 versions are divided into 2 other weaker versions of the boss. All the smaller versions also use the attack
  • However, you can control smaller bosses with CC because they have no break bar.
  • There are also area of ​​effect effects here that you should avoid

General tips for the puppet

In addition to the explanations of the lanes and the different bosses, there are also some general tips that you should know for the fight:

  • Whenever a lane has fought bosses, it is 7 minutes behind. That prevents them from going back to a boss’s platform. However, players in lanes 1 and 2 can theoretically help with lanes 4 and 5 if they are allowed to use the boss platforms.
  • You only need 3-5 good players to maintain a lane. In a team of 50 people you have a large number of players who can theoretically rotate between the lanes.
  • There is a special food potion that increases damage against Scarlet’s creatures by 10% and reduces damage taken by 10%. All the enemies in this boss fight are creatures of Scarlet. It’s called “Powerful Potion to Destroy Scarlet’s Army.”

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Achievements and rewards for Twisted Puppet

What successes are there? With the return of the event, some old achievements from Living World Season 1 and some entirely new achievements will be closed.

The highlight is the hit “Origins of Madness Completeers.” It rewards you with 50 success points and the gift of the intermediate team, with which you tie a knot for your home instance. For this achievement, you must complete 11 sub-achievements of the category.

For sub-successes, you need to participate in defense events, defeat all regulatory guards, avoid certain attacks, and animate victory over the puppet (with success / joy).

The puppet brings with it old and new successes.

However, there are also new hits in the “Puppet’s Revenge” category, which in turn give you an ascended ring with power, precision, and stat healing power.

The loot also includes 2 gold, karma, and various equipment items, as well as a number of rewards that come from successes.

The Twisted Marionette serves as transitional content to the new End of Dragons expansion. We’ve summed up everything you need to know about it: Guild Wars 2 – Everything we know about the new End of Dragons expansion.

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