how to defeat Bowser Felino in Super Mario 3D World + Bowsers Fury

After reaching the end of the route in the Bowser-Castle World , which is not excessively long (everything is said), it will be the turn to face Feline Bowser , a transformation that he obtains after using the Super Bell . It should be mentioned that this confrontation will not be a confrontation as such, but a race avoiding Bowser Felino and that it will be divided into 2 phases. So keep reading to find out more about the final boss of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury :

In this level there will be two phases: The 1st with Feline Bowser climbing or sliding down the walls. The second with Feline Bowser  duplicated in multiple clones coming out of the walls, climbing, among other actions.

In the first phase, you must be attentive to where it appears at the beginning, either from below or from above. Immediately, you must get out of there by jumping to another platform.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t normally go two places in a row, so when the platforms reappear, go to these and wait.

You will have to ascend to the top, where there is a mid-phase flag.

The second phase of the combat is honestly quite easy, since you will only have to move forward, having to be careful not to be surprised by leaving the walls. To do this, pay attention to noise and cracks.

Advance to the end, climbing the stairs and reaching the roof of the building.

Once at the top, hit the giant POW Block several times to defeat all the Feline Bowser .

Don’t wait too long to avoid being attacked in a group.

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