How to deactivate the WiFi of my iPhone or Android when leaving home

Thanks to the GPS location services of your phone, you can activate or deactivate the WiFi when you leave a specific area , so that when you move away or approach the mobile phone automatically connects to the WiFi network.

So there are ways to automatically disconnect the WiFi from your device when you leave the house, so the process of connecting, disconnecting or removing access to a WiFi network will not be exclusively manual. For this reason, we will show you how to deactivate the WiFi of your iPhone or Android when leaving automatically, with the use of applications or the device’s own tools.

So we can disable WiFi on iPhone or Android when leaving home automatically

Activating or deactivating connections to WiFi networks can be automated mainly in two ways, with applications external to your device or with the network settings that you can apply to your mobile phone.

To deactivate the WiFi of both your iPhone and an Android device from the mobile settings you only have to access the wireless networks section within it. Once there you can find functions for the WiFi connection that give you the opportunity to define whether the mobile should disable or enable the connection to a nearby WiFi network that is known.

However, you must bear in mind that for the correct functioning of this function you must have created and configured the WiFi network correctly .

In this way you can deactivate the WiFi of your iPhone or Android when leaving home automatically. In addition, you can also automatically disconnect the WiFi when the network does not offer a strong connection or that allows access to the internet without having to do it manually.

How to turn off Wi-Fi on my iPhone or Android when leaving home automatically with an application?

Applications are tools that offer extensive utility and solutions to many of our problems. They can help you both to evaluate why your mobile disconnects from the WiFi network , and to automatically disconnect you from this type of network.

One of the most popular is the IFTTT app. This application offers the user a series of services known as recipes. These types of functions are already established with a series of solutions to situations that are quite common. This application is available for both iOS and Android, which also gives you the opportunity to know how to automatically disable the WiFi of your iPhone.

So, to access the option to turn off WiFi when leaving home automatically, you just have to place the word WiFi in the application’s search engine, among the series of options that will appear you must locate the one to turn off the WiFi of your mobile when you leave your house.

Keep in mind that this option by default is off, you just have to turn it on . Likewise, you must access the location settings to place the area from which you want your mobile phone to be automatically disconnected.

How to activate the WiFi of my iPhone or Android automatically with an application?

In the digital age it is not only important that you know how to protect your device from open WiFi networks , but also learn how to automatically connect or disconnect from your home WiFi network .

One of the best ways to do it is with the application that we already mentioned to perform an automatic disconnection to the WiFi network of your home. Well, the IFTTT application allows you to automatically connect to your home WiFi network on both Android, iOS or iPhone devices .

For this, once you have installed the application, you must access the application’s search menu and enter the WiFi options. Remember that this application comes configured with a set of pre-established options, also called recipes. Then, you just have to locate the option “Automatically turn on WiFi when you’re at home.

Keep in mind that you must configure the location of your home , as the application may have another by default. Thus, you only have to define the area around which your WiFi will automatically turn on.


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