How to deactivate the video call camera in Messenger

At present it seems impossible that one person cannot communicate with another, if there are so many direct messaging or social media apps on the market. But if we talk about Facebook Messenger, this seems to be a step forward, but you may not want to be bothered by your friends and then you want to deactivate the video call camera on your mobile in Messenger .

This can be an option for which many users of the social network lean and this to avoid that at a certain moment a video call enters. But this, like many other functions that Facebook offers us, are not well known. And in this case, for example, how to know if you have been blocked on Facebook Messenger .

Facebook Messenger is the most used medium for direct communication with your friends, where you can communicate with other platforms without major problems, either with messages or by sending audios from Facebook Messenger to WhatsApp , but if you want to know how to deactivate the video call camera in Messenger from your mobile , do not stop reading this article.

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  1. How are camera permissions disabled in Messenger?
    1. Using iPhone
    2. From Android
    3. Disable permissions on PC
  2. Why is my camera flickering on a Messenger video call if I don’t have permissions enabled?
    1. Interference or security
  3. What can I do to turn off video call notifications in Messenger?

How are camera permissions disabled in Messenger?

Another important point that users must take into account is that for security reasons, no application should have permissions to access your mobile’s camera. And in any case, the ideal would be for the App to ask before using it and not do it arbitrarily. Therefore, if you want to deactivate the Messenger permissions to your camera, you must do the following.

Using iPhone

If in your case you are using an iPhone, the steps are really simple to revoke the permission of Facebook Messenger . First, you must enter the mobile Settings, the next step is to search and select in the ‘Privacy’ section. In this window you will find the option ‘Camera’ and you will click on it, this action will display a list on the screen.

In this list you will find all those Apps that have access to the mobile camera and in our case we will search for Facebook. Next to it you will see a switch which you must deactivate and in this way the App will no longer have permission to access the camera.

From Android

In mobile devices that work with Android you must first enter the ‘Settings’ of the phone. Once in that window, click on the ‘Applications’ section and then choose the ‘Permissions’ option.

In this new window, search and click on the ‘Camera’ section, the next step is to search the list for the option ‘Facebook’. Next to this App there is a button which you must deactivate and in this way Facebook Messenger will not have permission to access the phone’s camera .

Disable permissions on PC

Now, if you want to remove the permissions from your PC , you will also verify that it is very simple to do so. First you must enter the Google Chrome browser and then click on the three-dot icon that is in the upper right corner. Enter the ‘Settings’ and then select the ‘Privacy and security’ section.

The next step is to click on the ‘Site Settings’ option, now you must select the ‘Facebook Messenger’ option. So then you click on the ‘Camera’ option and here you just have to block the permissions to have access to the camera.

Why is my camera flickering on a Messenger video call if I don’t have permissions enabled?

In Facebook Messenger there may be some gestures that can indicate something that is not and we can see this when the camera blinks . At first glance we may think that a video call has been activated and this without our consent, but this is not the case.

When the camera flashes, it only indicates that the ‘Instant Video’ function is active and therefore our interlocutor wants to show us something from the camera. So if you have the camera disabled for Facebook Messenger you can still receive the message.

Interference or security

The camera light will blink and this will be done as a way to let you know that you have an incoming video call . But this case can also be given when for some strange reason there is some interference, by some other application or external means.

What can I do to turn off video call notifications in Messenger?

Facebook Messenger allows you to remove the notifications of an incoming video call and for this you just have to follow these simple instructions. First log into Facebook Messenger from your device . Once in your profile, enter the ‘chat’ and click on the gear-shaped icon, so that you have access to the App settings.

The next step is to select the option ‘Deactivate voice and video calls’ and now you will have several options to choose from. Where you can select the option that suits you best, you will have ‘1 hour’ ‘Until 8 o’clock in the day’ and ‘Until I activate it again’. And that easy, so simple how to delete all messages at once in Messenger you have already disabled notifications for video calls .

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