How to deactivate the Assistant driving mode in Google Maps

The driving mode of the Google Assistant is finally being activated for users. You will recognize it as it is a bar that appears below Google Maps during a route . If you are not convinced, you can easily disable it.

Driving mode is kind of like a miniature Android Auto, giving you quick access to music playback and the Assistant. However, on somewhat slow mobiles the experience is not very pleasant, with constant resizing of the windows. We tell you how to deactivate the Assistant’s driving mode , in the two possible ways.

Deactivate driving mode from itself

There are two ways to end Google Assistant driving mode. If you have started a route on Google Maps and its bar appears at the bottom, you can deactivate it from the driving mode itself .


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To do this, tap on the squares icon (bottom right) and choose Settings from the list of apps that are displayed. For now there are only two settings and one button: Deactivate driving mode .

You must confirm in the window that appears that you want to deactivate driving mode. Remember that you can easily reactivate it from the settings , if you need it later. This is the summary of the steps to deactivate the Assistant’s driving mode:

  • Tap on the squares icon in the bottom bar
  • Press Settings
  • Press Disable driving mode
  • Press Deactivate

Deactivate driving mode from settings

There is another way to deactivate the Google Assistant driving mode that does not require you to start a journey before: from the Google Maps settings . It is the same place you will have to go in case you deactivate it and later want to activate it again.

To do this, go to Google Maps settings and tap on Navigation settings . Enter Google Assistant Settings and you will see that the switch for Driving Mode appears at the top . Disable it and it will not start automatically on the next ride. This is the summary of the steps:

  • Tap on your profile picture on Google Maps
  • Tap on Settings
  • Enter Google Assistant Settings
  • Turn off Driving Mode


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