How to deactivate the Aero Peek of my PC?

Windows 10 i is one of the most used operating systems around the world because it has very good tools. Having them will make things easier for us in most cases, however, it is true that not all of them are useful.

In fact, there are many tools that can become a nuisance for people who use this operating system. And one of these tools is called Desktop Look , and although some like to have this option enabled, other users prefer to disable it.

Has it happened to you that you suddenly move your mouse cursor abruptly and all your open windows disappear? It happens to many. That is why some prefer to deactivate this option, but they do not know how to do it and that is where we come in, to guide you and thus solve this problem.

We have prepared this great article with great care so that you know more about this function and how to deactivate it so that it does not bother you. So read on and you will see that it is not at all difficult to activate and deactivate this Windows 10 tool .

What is Aero Peek?

Also known as look at the desktop, it is a Windows function that, as its name suggests, allows us to take a small look at our desktop.

This feature came about in Windows 7 with two other features: Aero Snap and Aero Shake. This feature is in the lower right part of the taskbar . In fact, in Windows 7 it is very easy to see, however, in Windows 10 not so much.

To do this it is necessary to move the cursor to where it is, just to the extreme. You must move the cursor as close as possible to the right to be able to look through all open windows.

For some this function is quite practical since you only have to position the arrow on the icon for it to work. Automatically everything you have on the screen will become transparent so that you can view the desktop with everything you have on it. Regardless, while it may seem useful to some, others see it as an unnecessary feature.

This tool is not essential and even for many it becomes quite annoying. This happens because, sometimes inadvertently, they position the cursor over the icon and everything becomes transparent to see the desktop.

If you are one of the people who thinks that Aero Peek is not useful and you prefer to disable it, this article is for you. We will show you how to deactivate the function definitively in a very simple way and so you can feel more comfortable using your pc.

How to deactivate the Aero Peek of my PC?

If you consider browsing the desktop an annoying feature, disabling it will be the solution. Follow our steps carefully and it will be deactivated shortly.

Step 1

You simply have to go to the Aero Peek icon in the lower right corner of the taskbar. Then you must right click so that a small menu can be displayed.

Step 2

With the menu open, you just have to select disable desktop viewing and that’s it. You will be able to pass the arrow over the icon and the windows or applications that you have open will no longer become transparent. If for some extreme reason the first way didn’t work for you, then follow the steps below.

Step 1

First you must press the Windows key and in the search engine type task bar, and when it appears on the screen click it.

Step 2

Once inside the taskbar, you must deactivate the option to use glance to preview and that’s it. You can check by hovering over the icon and you will see that it no longer shows open windows to see the desktop.

Now if for any reason you miss your Aero Peek , no problem, it is not completely lost. You just have to place the look at the desktop icon on the taskbar again and right-click so that the menu is displayed again.

Now you simply have to activate this function again and it will be as if nothing had happened. This tool will be enabled again and you can use it whenever you want.


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