How to deactivate Amazon Prime

Do you want to deactivate Amazon Prime but do not know how the cancellation procedure from Amazon Prime works ? In this document you will find all the answers.

Amazon prime is the Amazon service that allows you to buy most Amazon products without paying for shipping and receive the goods in one working day; in addition to this (which is not cheap) it offers some free services including prime videos (to watch streaming movies for free), Amazon Photo (a cloud dedicated to photos with unlimited space). The annual cost of Amazon Prime is currently equal to 36 euros . I assure you that this service is worth up to the last cent of its cost. However, if you no longer intend to use Amazon services, you will have to cancel it (before renewing your subscription). In this guide I will explain how to deactivate Amazon Prime permanently and safely. It will take you less than five minutes to complete the operation.


  • Cancel Amazon Prime during the trial period
  • How to deactivate Amazon Prime: the steps to follow
  • Unsubscribe from Amazon Prime via the App
  • In case of problems with the cancellation

Cancel Amazon Prime during the trial period

If you are using the free trial period (30 days free), to cancel amazon prime you will need to follow these steps:

  • Connect to the site and log in as usual (click on “Accounts and lists”and then press ” log in “)
  • Click on My Prime
  • click on the item do not continueon the left in the free trial period box

Here you can check both the registration date and the expiry date of the period.

Even if you have decided to deactivate amazon prime during the free period, you can still continue to enjoy the benefits of Amazon Prime until the end of this period.

Just to clarify, the free registration period which lasts 30 days cannot be extended. Once the period is completed, if you have not canceled in time your subscription to Amazon Prime will automatically continue at a cost of 36 euros per year or 3.99 per month if you choose the monthly payment; all via the payment method you have chosen.

How to deactivate Amazon Prime: the steps to follow

  • Connect to the site and log in as usual (click on “Accounts and lists”and then press ” log in “)
  • Enter the credentials you normally use to log into Amazon
  • Click on the item ” Accounts and lists and then on the item on the item My Amazon Prime
  • Click on the “ Unsubscribe – Waiver of Prime Benefits” item located at the bottom of the left sidebar
  • confirm by clicking on ” ” End my benefits .

Well you have completed the procedure and you are permanently deactivated from the Amazon Prime service

At this point an email will be sent to your email address to confirm the deactivation of the Amazon Prime service . From now on you will no longer be charged any payment for the service. If you have unsubscribed from the service before you have even used at least one of the services included in the Prime Amazon package, you will automatically refund the full amount of the service.

Unsubscribe from Amazon Prime via the App

Did you know that you can also deactivate Amazon Prime from your smartphone? You can unsubscribe from Amazon Prime using the app on your ios or android mobile. The operation is extremely fast:

  • Open the Amazon app
  • Click on the symbol in the upper left with three lines to open the side menu and select Prime
  • On the page that opens, scroll down and click on My Amazon Prime
  • Look for the item Unsubscribe – Waiver of Prime Benefitsand click on it

By doing so you have unsubscribed from Amazon’s prime service

In case of problems with the cancellation

If something goes wrong with the deactivation do not panic! there is a great customer support service always available to help you.

First, I suggest you log into Amazon with your account and click on ” Help ” (at the top of the page). Here you will have various items available, you can take a look to see if you find the solution to your problem. If you do not find the solution to your problem write “Contact us” in the search field (where you usually put the name of a product to search for it) and click on the last item “contact us” which will appear on the new page. At this point the chat with the Amazon operator will open directly

You can try to solve the problem directly with the chats on the site and if this is not enough you can call customer service at the toll-free number 800 145 851 (reachable only from a landline phone) or go to the support pages of the Amazon site and open a request online support.

You can re-register for Amazon Prime at any time, but you will no longer be able to access the 30-day free trial period. To re-register in the Prime program, log in to Amazon and after authenticating with your credentials click on the item ” Accounts and Lists ” and then ” My Amazon Prime ” finally click on the item ” Continue registration “; by doing so you will be charged the entire annual amount.

I remind you that from this year it is also possible to pay in installments on Amazon. In this article you will find all the explanation.

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