How to dance and swim with an alien parasite in Fortnite

The epic and legendary missions of Fortnite week 11 have arrived, and some of them are more complicated than others. If you have trouble understanding the missions of parasites, we can help. Here’s how to dance and swim with an alien parasite in Fortnite .

How to dance and swim with an alien parasite in Fortnite

Find an alien parasite

These new missions stay in tune with the theme of the ongoing alien invasion in the game at the moment, and the parasites you are looking for will be blocked on a host.

Alien parasites can be found attached to the heads of the various animals found around the Fortnite map. Specifically, Pleasant Park and Corny Complex are two of the best places to look for animals. Parasites can attach to almost any animal, from chicken to wolf.

Alien parasites can also be found inside alien eggs in Holly Hatchery and Hydro 16, so choose whichever method you like to achieve the same result.

Complete the missions

Once you find one, shoot the animal’s body avoiding any damage to the parasite. If you manage to kill the animal while keeping the parasite alive, it will attach itself to your head, reducing your health to 60 while giving you a faster sprint and higher jump.

To complete this epic quest, simply use a gesture at Sunny Shores, Lazy Lake, or Pleasant Park. Then jump into any body of water to clear the alien parasite from your head and complete the swimming part of the mission.

That’s all you need to know about how to dance and swim with an alien parasite in Fortnite . Check out our Chapter 2 Season 7 wiki guide for more helpful tips, tricks, and information about the game.

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