How to Cut Audio in GarageBand Quick and Easy

If you already have GarageBand or are about to download it, it will be helpful to know how to cut audio. We will explain it to you and you will see that it is a simple task that you can do very quickly. This tool that Apple offers us, we create and edit audios in digital format and contains tools to edit the same as those of other more advanced platforms.

How to cut audio in GarageBand

One of the benefits of doing this work is that we can eliminate the silence that is left over both at the beginning and at the end of a track. Even if there are unwanted sounds or passages that we no longer want to be with this tool, we edit all those regions.

One of the methods for cutting audio is using the cut pointer . To use it, open the application and load the file with the tracks you want to cut on the project selection dialog screen. Once it is loaded, we will have in front of the organization view that GarageBand offers us by default, where we are shown the tracks that the project contains.

Now we choose the track where the part of the audio that we are going to cut is located by pressing on the header of our track. Then, we use the mouse cursor to move to the lower left or right corner of the audio area that we are going to cut.

The cursor will automatically change to the cutting pointer. We click and drag to the left or right to decrease the audio area.

Despite being a somewhat imprecise way of cutting audio, it will be useful to edit extended silences or any unwanted sound. Whether it is at the end or at the beginning of the track, the cutting pointer will allow us to get the job done easily and quickly .

Using the editor

To activate this option, we click twice on the area that we are going to cut. The application’s audio region editor will appear at the bottom of the screen .

He will provide us with a detailed view of the waveform of the audio zone. The strongest sections of the zone will be identified by the peaks of the waveform, while the silent parts are identified by the flat zone.

Now, with the mouse cursor we move over the waveform specifically in the lower half. The shape of a cross that the cursor acquires shows us that it has changed to a precision selection cursor.

This is quite useful, since you can choose the small spaces of audio to edit or cut them. The next step is to click and hold on the point of the waveform where the zone to be cut begins.

Very slowly, we move the cursor to the right to form a region that will turn dark gray within the audio area. This method is quite accurate.

Once the part of the audio to be cut is selected, we release the mouse click. We go to the edit menu and click “Cut” . You will see that where you selected will be left in a blank space. We can undo the action if we are not satisfied.

As you saw, cutting audio in GarageBand is very easy and fast. We have shown you a couple of methods that will be useful to you to edit your music . You can adapt them according to the type of cut you are making.


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