How to cut a video without downloading programs

You recently spent a weekend out of town and are now in the process of showing photos and videos to friends and family who, alas, have not been able to attend. Reviewing the videos shot, however, you realized that some scenes are not really suitable for the audience you intend to show them to, therefore you are looking for a solution that allows you to cut them, so as to jealously preserve the original video and create a clean copy  . to show around. The only problem is that, not having much space available on the device from which you want to operate, you would like to avoid downloading additional software to perform this operation, instead using tools that you already have or that, alternatively, can be found online.

How do you say? Did I really hit the spot? Then I am happy to tell you that this is the guide you were looking for: below, in fact, I will provide you with all the instructions on  how to cut a video without downloading programs using easy-to-use solutions. I will explain, in the course of my tutorial, how to use the tools already on board operating systems such as Windows and macOS for desktop and Android and iOS for mobile. Furthermore, it will be my care to show you some web services suitable for the purpose, accessible simply through the browser.

So what else are you waiting to get started? Take a few minutes of your free time, make yourself comfortable and carefully read everything I have to explain on this interesting topic: I’m sure that, after reading my guide, you will be perfectly able to find the solution that best suits your case, to cut the video (or videos) of your interest and show them without fear, but above all without  shame , to those with whom you want to share your past moments of relaxation. At this point all I have to do is wish you good reading and, why not, have fun!


  • Trim a video without downloading programs to PC
    • Predefined programs
    • Online services for cutting videos
  • Trim a video without downloading programs on smartphones and tablets
    • Android
    • iOS
  • Programs for cutting videos

Trim a video without downloading programs to PC

The first scenario I intend to show you concerns the intervention through the  computer : without a shadow of a doubt, it is the most comfortable solution to  cut a video without downloading programs . This is because, in principle, you have at least two options to choose from: the first concerns the use of  predefined programs , i.e. software already naturally present in the operating system in your possession (and which, therefore, does not need to be downloaded) , while the second provides access to a series of Web services suitable for the purpose, usable through a browser.

Predefined programs

Do you intend to crop your movie using a program but do not intend (or cannot) make any download and any additional installation? Then this is the most suitable section for you: below, in fact, I will explain to you in detail how to reach your goal using both  Photos , a program already included in  Windows 10 , and  QuickTime , the video manager naturally present in  macOS .

Both software support the “classic” videos in MP4 format, while QuickTime does not have support for AVI, MKV and other file formats that can be downloaded easily on the Internet.

Photos (Windows 10)

Do you have a Windows 10 PC and intend to use the Photos application  to achieve your goal? Then follow my instructions carefully and you will see that you will succeed in your intent within a few minutes. First, start the app by recalling it from the Windows Start menu  , accessible via the  flag icon located in the lower left corner of the screen: if this is the first time you use the program, press three times on the Next button  and then the Let’s Get Started button  to quickly skip the welcome tutorial.

Once this is done, identify the video on which you intend to intervene from the collection of multimedia elements that appears on the screen and select it with a  double click to start the integrated editor. If you do not find the movie you are interested in, you may need to manually import the folder that contains it into Photos: to do this, press the Import button  located at the top right, select the folder that interests you with the help of the proposed panel and finally click on the Select folder button  .

If you still can’t locate the video, click on the Folders item  located at the top of the Photos screen, click on the folder icon you just imported and double-click the video of interest.

Note : if you are unable to open the video with the procedure described above, access the folder that contains it using  File Explorer (the yellow folder icon located at the bottom of Windows),  right click on its icon and select the items  Open with> Photo from the proposed context menu.

In any case, once you have accessed the editor, press the Edit and Create button  located at the top and select the Cut item  from the proposed menu. Once the next screen has loaded (it may take a few seconds), use the sliders in the shape of  white circles  located at the bottom to set the start and end point of the video you want to save or, if you wish, use the slider in the shape of a  blue circle to set only the start or end point: you can view the “cut” at any time by pressing the  icon  located in the center of the screen.

Once you have the result you want, press the Save a copy button   (or Save a copy ) to finalize the operation and save the video cropped just now: you will find the generated file in the  same folder that contains the original video, with the suffix Trim to the file name (eg  ).Video VacanzeTrim.mp4

QuickTime Player (macOS)

As for  macOS , as already explained above, you can safely use  QuickTime Player , already included in the operating system, to cut the video of your interest in a couple of clicks. To begin with, if you use QuickTime Player as your default player, open the movie you want to edit with a  double click ; alternatively,  right-click on the icon of the video on which you intend to act and select the items  Open with> QuickTime Player from the proposed context menu.

At this point, presses on the QuickTime Edit  menu  and select the Crop … item  to access the edit mode (alternatively, you can use the combination of keys  cmd + t to obtain the same result): to set the new starting point / end of the video, drag the edges of the rectangle  displayed at the bottom of the QuickTime Player screen to the right or left  , checking, if you wish, the provisional result using the  button  located to its left.

Once the desired result has been obtained, press the Cut button   to confirm the willingness to proceed, finish the procedure by clicking on the File> Save menu  of QuickTime Player and, finally, type the name of the new video and choose where to save it using the panel shown on the screen . If you wish, using the File> Export as menu  , you can change the quality of the cropped video: choose the desired resolution from those proposed and continue saving as shown above.

Online services for cutting videos

Another interesting method to cut a video without downloading programs, through the computer, is to rely on an  online service suitable for the purpose. On the Internet there are really many, even at no cost, and all are accessible through the  browser already installed in the operating system.

However, even before proceeding, I have to make you an important clarification: most of the services of this type require  Adobe Flash Player , therefore, unless you are using  Google Chrome (in which the player is already present by default ), you may need to install this add-on on your PC.

To do this, connected to this website , remove the check marks from the items relating to the installation of the McAfee software, if you wish, press the Install now button  and follow the procedure displayed on the screen to complete the setup. If you need more information about installing the add-on, I urge you to consult my Adobe Flash Player installation guide .

Once you have installed Flash, you must be sure that you have activated the plugin in your browser and then you can use the tools that I am going to tell you below.

Video ToolBox

The first online service I suggest you try is  Video ToolBox , a web platform that allows you to perform a large amount of video editing, including cutting of course. This online service allows you to operate on videos of different formats (including  3GP, AMV, MP4, MOV, MKV and  MPEG , just to name the most common), has an upload limit of 600 MB and requires registration, completely free for use.

So, to start, connected to the main page of the service, presses the Registration link located at the top right, fill out the proposed form with all the necessary information and complete the first step by clicking on the Register button  . To finalize the procedure, access the email specified in the previous step, select the message received from Video ToolBox and click on the link contained within it to finalize the registration.

At this point, you can upload the movie you intend to operate on. select the File Manager item  located in the left bar, press the  Choose File / Browse button located on the page that opens on the screen, choose the video in question and press the Upload button  to upload it.

Once this operation is complete, put the check mark next to the name of the file just loaded, select the  Cut / Split file  item from the Select Actions drop-down menu  and use the appropriate cursors to specify the starting and ending point of the cutout you want to create . Once you have reached the desired result, click on the Cut the slice (same format) link  and, to conclude and immediately start the download of the cropped video, click on the name of the video located immediately under the heading  CUT / SPLIT . It wasn’t complicated, was it?

Online Video Cutter

The idea of ​​cutting a movie through the browser appeals to you, but you don’t intend to record to proceed? Then I suggest you take a look at  Online Video Cutter : also in this case, we are talking about a completely free Web service but which, unlike the solution seen above, does not require any type of registration. Online Video Cutter is compatible with most video formats out there and accepts movies no larger than  500MB .

Having made these necessary premises, it’s time to get to work: first, connected to the main page of the service , click on the Open file button  located in the center of the screen and, using the proposed panel, select the video you want to cut. If you prefer, you can import the video directly from  Google Drive by clicking on the appropriate link and following the on-screen instructions to log in.

In any case, wait for the upload of the file to complete and move the sliders attached to the lower time bar to the right / left , so as to define the starting point and the ending point of the movie in question.

Once this is done, choose the resolution of the resulting video using the items in the Quality drop-down menu  , choose the video format (eg.  MP4 ) using the buttons located next to the wording  Format:  and, once the desired result is achieved (you can view cutting using the  key  resident in the preview window of the movie), presses the Cut button  to confirm the operation.

Once this is done, the system immediately starts processing the final movie: at the end of processing, you can download it to your computer by simply clicking on the Download link  or, if you wish, save it to Google Drive / Dropbox using the appropriate links.

Didn’t this solution thrill you either? Then read without hesitation further my tutorial on how to cut a video online : I am sure you will find what is right for you.

Trim a video without downloading programs on smartphones and tablets

Did you find it interesting what I have explained to you so far, however the illustrated instructions are not for you because you need to operate from your smartphone or tablet ? Also in this case, I really think I have the solution for you: using the  Android and  iOS system apps , you can reach the goal you have set yourself in just a few taps.

Such as? I’ll explain it to you below. Before continuing, I would like to tell you that both procedures will not modify the original video but will save a copy of the cut made.


Trimming a video without downloading apps on an Android terminal is really a breeze! To begin with, access the  Gallery by pressing on the relative app located in the drawer (i.e. the space where all the installed apps reside), choose with a tap the video on which you intend to operate, press the button  () located at the top of right (on some versions of Android, the same button could be represented with  or with two overlapping squares) and select the Crop item  from the proposed menu.

At this point, the game is done: move the video start and end sliders to the  right or  left to set the duration of the resulting movie (you can check the provisional result by pressing the  button or the circular arrow  placed in the middle of the preview movie) and, once the desired result is obtained, presses the Save item  located at the top right to finalize the procedure and save the cutout in the Gallery.


Do you need to crop a video using your  iPhone or  iPad ? Nothing simpler! First, start the Photo app  by recalling it from the Home screen  of the device, press the Album button located at the bottom right, identify the movie you are interested in acting on, open it with a tap and touch the Edit item  located in the top corner to the right of the screen.

At this point, to crop the video, slide the edges of the rectangle  (marked by the arrows  and  > ) located at the bottom of the screen to the right or left  : you can check the temporary  video when you want, simply by pressing the  button  placed immediately below.

Once you have obtained the desired cutout, presses the End item  located at the bottom right and ends the procedure by tapping the  Save as new clip button : in this way, the cutout is automatically saved in the device ‘s Album and, possibly, on  iCloud .

If you have come this far, it means that you have acquired all the necessary skills to cut videos without downloading programs  but that, despite this, you do not consider the result satisfactory. Did I guess? So let me give you some advice: free up some space from your device, connect to the Internet and rely on a specific program / app for this task. There are so many on the Net, some even completely free.

How do you say? You just don’t know where to start? Then I think I have a couple of guides ready for you: without hesitation, take a look at my insights on the best programs and the best apps for cutting videos , I’m sure you won’t regret it!

Programs for cutting videos

If the solutions I have shown you so far have not satisfied you, obviously you need a more classic video cutting program. In this regard, I would like to point out Wondershare Filmora . In case you’ve never heard of it, this is a great video editor, available for both Windows and macOS, which supports all major video / audio file formats and includes many advanced features.

It allows you to cut, resize and edit videos, apply effects, add background music, stickers, text and much more; all through an extremely intuitive user interface completely translated into Italian . Also of note is its internal library of royalty free audio clips that can be used at no cost and its One-Stop store , through which it is possible to obtain royalty-free audio clips, media and video effects.

You can download Wondershare Filmora for free by connecting to the official website of the program  and clicking on the download button on it. If necessary, you can also choose whether to download the Windows or macOS version of the software.

When the download is complete, if you are using a  Windows PC , start the  .exe file you  just obtained and complete the setup by clicking on the Yes and Install buttons  , waiting for all the files necessary for the program to function from the Internet (it may take a few seconds ) and finally pressing the Start Now button  .

The procedure to follow on  Mac is just as simple: extract the  .zip file  you obtained, start the executable contained within it, click on the Open and Install buttons , wait for the download of the files necessary for the program to work and press on Start .

At the first start of the software, choose whether to follow the initial tutorial that illustrates the main features or whether to skip it, then click on the button to continue using the free trial . Once this is done, you are ready to start working.

Then start the creation of a new project , selecting the appropriate item from the File menu (top left) or simply closing and reopening the application. When creating the project you will also need to specify the aspect ratio to be used for the project (eg 16: 9 widescreen or 4: 3 standard ).

At this point, drag the videos you want to cut inside the Import media files here box and drag their thumbnails to the timeline at the bottom in the order you prefer (if a warning appears, choose whether to match the resolution / framerate of the project to those of the video added to the timeline).

Now click on the point of the timeline corresponding to the beginning of the scene you want to cut and press the scissors icon , which you find on the timeline itself; then position yourself at the end of the scene to be cut and do the same thing.

In case you want to reorder or delete a sequence, you can always do everything from the timeline: you can move and reorder the scenes with a simple drag of the mouse, while you can delete unnecessary scenes by clicking on them and pressing the trash icon (in the toolbar above the timeline).

When you are satisfied with the result (which you can preview through the player located on the right), click on the Export button   at the top and choose whether to export the video for free with the watermark or whether to purchase the full version of Wondershare Filmora .

The free version of Filmora, in fact, adds a watermark to the generated videos. To remove this limitation, get free technical support and take advantage of other benefits, you need to subscribe to the Pro version of the software (44.99 euros / year) or purchase a lifetime license (59.99 euros one-time). More info here .

To export the watermarked video, you must fill out the registration form that is proposed to you (or log in with an online account, chosen from Facebook , Twitter and Google ). After registration, click again on the Export button , choose to export with watermark and select the format in which to save the video using one of the available tabs: Local (for generic video files), Device (to create files optimized for certain devices ), YouTube , Vimeo or DVD .

Finally, assign a name to the file, click on the folder icon  to choose the path in which to save it, click on the Settings button to adjust the resolution, bitrate and other parameters of the file to be obtained and click on the Export button  to start saving it.


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