How to cure mouth ulcers

These sores, also known as mouth ulcers or canker sores, are lesions in the mouth that are usually annoying and painful, especially when talking or eating.

It goes without saying that proper oral hygiene is essential to prevent canker sores in the mouth, but they can appear for other reasons such as a bite or a wound caused by food. Read on, we show you how to cure mouth ulcers.

Why do mouth sores appear

Mouth sores or canker sores are quite painful ulcerative type lesions that appear inside the mouth around the lips and cheeks. They do not usually take long to heal, they even disappear by themselves, but they are very annoying .

These wounds also produce a burning sensation and pain in the affected parts and, in case of infection, they could generate sporadic episodes of fever. Despite this, they are not a serious problem and they are not contagious. These are the common causes of the appearance of mouth ulcers:

  • Canker sores in the mouth can appear as a result of a bite, especially in people who wear orthodontics. In them, the risk of suffering these injuries is also increased by the continuous friction of the device with the walls of the mouth.
  • They can also appear due to bacterial infections, and a viral infection can manifest itself through these types of mouth ulcers.
  • Mouth sores are sometimes a symptom of a lack of vitamins and minerals,especially when there are nutritional deficiencies of iron, folic acid, and vitamin B12 . This occurs because the body is weaker and, therefore, more vulnerable to bacteria.
  • Oral wounds also tend to appear as a result of situations of continuous stress.
  • Other less common causesfor which thrush can appear in the mouth are: hormonal changes, the pH in the digestive processes or food allergies.

Home remedies for canker sores

In addition to over-the-counter medications, there are some home remedies that can help with the discomfort of canker sores and help them heal.

  1. Sodium chloride

Dissolve a tablespoon of salt in a glass of warm water and rinse with it at least three times a day. It is a very effective remedy, since sodium chloride is a quite effective natural antiseptic to combat mouth ulcers.

  1. Baking soda

This compound should be applied, mixed with a little warm water, on the wounds of the mouth as a kind of poultice . Let it work for a few minutes on the sore and rinse your mouth very well afterwards.

  1. Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is also very effective and also prevents canker sore infections. Use a cotton swab to apply the hydrogen peroxide on the sores and you will experience rapid healing. Be very careful not to swallow the product.

  1. Apple cider vinegar

Mix half a glass of apple cider vinegar with half a glass of warm water and rinse twice a day .

  1. Yogurt

The simplest thing to do is consume it regularly, as it has a very positive effect on healing mouth sores. It also makes it easier for the bacterial composition of the mouth to vary, thus changing its degree of acidity .

  1. Basil

Among its properties is the antimicrobial, which is why it can help fight and prevent infections. To heal mouth ulcers with this natural remedy, eat it naturally and include it in your diet to prevent infections. You can also make a mouthwash by boiling the leaves in a little water to speed up the process of sores disappearing or prevent their appearance.

  1. Infusion of chamomile

Chamomile has antiseptic properties that work very well to cure canker sores in the mouth. Similarly, it can also be used to prevent its formation. If you make the infusion with natural chamomile flowers, wait until they are very dry.

  1. Aloe vera

Among the properties of aloe we can highlight its healing value on the skin, which works for many conditions in addition to mouth sores. With the gel of this plant you will not only speed up healing, but the pain will subside. You just have to cut a leaf, extract the gel with a spoon, dry the area where the sore is located well and apply it to the area. It can be a bit uncomfortable, but you should repeat the process as many times as necessary. Clean the aloe vera very well before using it, as it contains toxins that you must eliminate very well.

  1. Honey

Honey is another great remedy to heal mouth ulcers. It has antibacterial properties in its natural state ,  so the healing process can be streamlined. Pour a little honey on the affected area, dry and clean, and you will see the results.

  1. Coconut oil

Lastly, coconut oil is one of the oldest remedies for treating mouth sores. It has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling and pain , and to use it on canker sores in the mouth you just have to clean your mouth, apply a little with your finger and leave it to act for a few minutes. Then remove it with water until there is no residue in the mouth.

Finally, we inform you that an effective way to prevent the appearance of mouth ulcers is to maintain a varied, healthy and balanced diet, rich in iron, vitamins and minerals. This is achieved by consuming fresh fruits and vegetables daily, as well as cereals . It is also highly recommended to avoid acidic or spicy foods in excess.


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