How to cross out texts in different ways on Discord

Discord is a very versatile digital program, although it was specially designed for gamers, it is currently one of the most used servers thanks to its multi-functions. It is an excellent application to create channels and add friends to chat online and share the same interests.

The messaging section is essential to make players enjoy their stay and share experiences in real time with their friends, even the way you write to your friends can be an interesting and fun experience. In fact, Discord has a function that allows you to cross out a text. If you want to know a little more about her, keep reading carefully, since this post explains how to cross out texts in different ways on Discord from a computer.

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  1. What to do to cross out texts with the ‘Virgulilla’ in Discord?
    1. With laptop keyboard ‘Ctrl + Alt + ~’
    2. With a computer keyboard ‘NumLock + Alt +126’
  2. Where can the ’tilde’ be placed in texts on Discord?
  3. What other methods can you use to customize texts on Discord?
    1. Italic and bold text
    2. Letters with underlines

What to do to cross out texts with the ‘Virgulilla’ in Discord?

The Discord platform has really become one of the favorites for many people worldwide, and not only in the gaming community, but also in the professional field, many have chosen to use it due to its low resource consumption, simple interface, ease of use, and having voice chat tools, instant messaging, calls and video calls.

The creators of this platform have been in charge of providing everything necessary in order to turn it into an effective tool for everyone, in that sense, it has made possible different forms of writing in chat, in this way its users can express themselves in the way they want. . So let’s start with strikethrough, a text format that many love to use, so let ‘s look at two ways to strikethrough text with the ’tilde’ .

With laptop keyboard ‘Ctrl + Alt + ~’

Using the strikethrough of a text in Discord is a great tool that allows you to express yourself in a prudent way, what’s more, for players who usually use a sarcastic tone to chat with other players, this is a very useful resource for them. Without further ado, now let’s see how you can cross out text using the tilde with a laptop keyboard.

By inserting the tilde ( ̴ ) in the text you want to send, you can easily strike it out. This symbol is inserted in the PC keyboard, specifically in the number 4 key, so to place it you just have to hold down the Ctrl + Alt + 4 keys and that’s it, doing it this way when writing a text the symbol will automatically be placed. strikethrough.

On the other hand, if you are a frequent user, but you do not know the commands to directly access the different functions of this platform, we will let you know the best shortcuts to use in Discord , by clicking on the previous link you will know some of them.

With a computer keyboard ‘NumLock + Alt +126’

Another way to put the tilde on a computer to cross out a text is with the key combination NumLock + Alt + 126 , pressing these keys you can easily get the tilde symbol. Therefore, by using Discord from the browser you can access the chat section and write texts in this format to your friends or channel partners.

Where can the ’tilde’ be placed in texts on Discord?

This type of formatting can be used to emphasize text that you’ve deleted, but really haven’t. In order to cross out the text you must place two tildes before the text and at the end of it. When doing so, a message will immediately be displayed saying that strikethrough formatting has been applied to this message and the text will automatically be struck through right in the middle of the text.

On the other hand, if you want to undo that process and edit the message after sending it, what you have to do is press on the three points that are shown when you move the cursor through the message, as long as you have pressed it, you only have to modify the text the way you want. As you can see, it’s that easy and fast to cross out a text on Discord.

What other methods can you use to customize texts on Discord?

The fact that the Discord application has different text formats available is due to an editing language called ‘Markdown’ , this language makes it possible to change the appearance and style of the text, resulting in the message being written in strikethrough , italics, bold and underlined. So, next, let’s see these other methods to customize texts on Discord.

Italic and bold text

As mentioned, italicizing and bolding text is something you can do on Discord. In these cases you do not need to use commands or shortcuts, which is much easier to do. Just by placing an asterisk (*) at the beginning and at the end , the italic format will appear when sending the message. On the other hand, to use bold formatting in text, place two asterisks (**) at the beginning and end of the message.

Letters with underlines

Underlining is useful when we want to highlight or give importance to the written message, if you want to underline a text add two underscores (__) at the beginning and end of the writing and it will appear in that format when sending it. On the other hand, if you have any doubts regarding some functions or technical problems, do not hesitate to consult with their assistants on the Discord website .


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