How to crop and straighten an image in Photoshop?

Photoshop is a platform that anyone who likes to create designs must have, since it offers its users unique and easy-to-use functions (which will allow you to create or make a graphic scheme ). Just for one of these functions is today’s tutorial, so you can see How to crop and straighten an image in Photoshop?

And, although cutting may sound like something simple, it is worth having a guide to help you know what is the correct procedure to follow to perform this function, because among so many updates to this program the process has changed a bit.

Before continuing, it is recommended that you download the official version of Photoshop from its website, or update your version to the latest, so that you get each option that you will read below.

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  1. How to crop and straighten an image in Photoshop?
  2. Straighten your photo after cropping it!

How to crop and straighten an image in Photoshop?

In order not to waste time and go directly to the process that will teach you how to crop and straighten an image in Photoshop, the first thing you have to do is obviously create a new project on the platform , and then add the image or photo to be cropped.

Once you have it, you have to go to the toolbar that is on the left side of the screen, there you must select the option called “Crop”, which you can identify as an icon of a white box cut out .

Having already selected the tool, you can place a cropping area on top of your photo by simply clicking the mouse and moving it across the canvas. When you have ready the place where you want to make the cut, you just have to hit enter, or in some cases click on another part of the screen outside the cut.

With this action, the area will automatically be cropped, and you will have your image in the dimensions you wanted it to be. It should be noted that above the work canvas you will get a control bar, with which you can specify the dimensions of the cutout , without having to drag the mouse (so that the work is more exact).

In this bar you can directly choose: the proportion of the crop, its overlap, and also add the width and height values ​​that the crop box will have.

Straighten your photo after cropping it!

With what you read above, you already know the first part of the question, how to crop and straighten an image in Photoshop ?, so now it is time for you to see how the photograph is straightened.

To achieve this, what you have to do is go back to the clipping tool, once you have it selected, stand slightly outside one of the corners of the clipping area, so you will notice that you will get a kind of black arrow with two heads, which will allow you to rotate the image to where you want to straighten it.

You can also choose to go to the control bar that is above your canvas , and click on the button called “Straighten”, with this you can draw a reference line with which the image will straighten as you want.

It should be noted that for the process to be even better, you should give another button that is in the same control bar, which is called “Fill according to content”, since when you press it, Photoshop will intelligently fill the gaps that remain when straightening , avoiding deformations.

And voila, with that you know how to crop and straighten an image in Photoshop, so it’s time for you to go do it, so that after you finish you can look for more functions to add to your project, such as the one that allows you wiggle an image.

As a final tip, remember that this program is not perfect, so sometimes Photoshop’s cropping tool gets stuck , but don’t worry, fixing it is as easy as cropping .

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