How to create zoomed prezi effect on text and images in PowerPoint?

Creating a prezi effect with zoom on text in Power Point will give your presentation, the new touch of Prezi, with the very useful tools of Power Point.

The quintessential program for making slide presentations is Power Point. Over the years and its many updates have incorporated tools such as turning the mouse pointer into a laser for Power Point presentations.

On the other hand, Prezi, although it is also a tool to make a professional presentation from scratch , has the particularity of being Online. In addition, beyond the simple slides, it works under schemes where the transitions are based on zooming between one and another. A feature that users quite like.

You can recreate this zoom effect in Power Point to imitate prezi presentations but adding all the advantages of working in the Office program.

Prezi or Power Point?

Both are tools widely used by users when creating slides , each one has characteristics that make them unique. Prezi is characterized by its famous zoom effect, which has catapulted it to success among the other tools for creating presentations.

However, PowerPoint has much more functionality and versatility than prezi. It allows you to edit and personalize your slides even more and you do not need an internet connection to use the program.

Don’t worry, you can have the best of both worlds. Creating the prezi effect with zoom on text and images in Power Point is possible. If you want to learn it , keep reading!


Steps to create the prezi effect with zoom on text and images in Power Point

To imitate this effect, it is only necessary to know how to take advantage of the tools that Power Point provides. Keep reading and know all the steps!

Create the slides

The first step in creating the zoomed prezi effect on text and images in Power Point is as simple as opening Power Point documents in safe mode.

It’s just about creating the slides. This will be done as usual. The only significant change is that you will leave the first one blank.

So the order would be: the first blank slide, the next one should have the main idea of ​​the presentation . Next, the rest of the slides. It is important to work in an orderly manner, as the zoom effect will transition between slides in the order they were created.

Generate the prezi zoom effect

To create the prezi effect with zoom on text and images in Power Point, the first thing you must do is position yourself on the slide that you have left blank. Click on it to select it.

Next, locate the ” Insert ” section in the upper menu . There, click on the ” zoom ” button and choose the option “Slide overview”. This will open a box with all the slides you have created. Select all but the first, that is, the one that does not have any elements.

Once this action is done, you will see that the thumbnails of all the others have been inserted on the first slide. They will appear one on top of the other, so you must adjust their size and the place you want them to occupy within the presentation.

To eliminate the white background of these images, you must click with the right button of the mouse on each one of them and select the option “Zoom background”. After this proceed to connect each image. For this use the arrow insert tool. Holding down the left mouse click drag it to link each of the images.

Once this is done you have to define the time of the zoom duration. This is done in the ” Format ” section of the menu at the top of the screen. Remember that you must do this procedure with each of the slides.

When you configure the final slide, keep in mind that you must also check the option ” Return to zoom” so that at the end it will present a view of all the slides. As you can see, creating the prezi effect with zoom on text and images in Power Point is not complicated, you just have to know how to use the tools that this application offers you well.


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