How to create the T-Virus vaccine synthesis in Resident Evil 3: Remake

You have arrived at NEST 2 and you have to create the synthesis of the T Virus vaccine, but have you been stuck and you don’t know how to solve the puzzle? Don’t worry, here is the solution!

Resident Evil 3: Remake has a handful of puzzles , as we’ve already unraveled throughout our comprehensive guide to the game. On this occasion we want to dedicate a special space to tell you what is the solution to the puzzle of the T Virus vaccine , which must be done as part of the story in the NEST 2 laboratories, almost at the end of the adventure. With our help you will not have any problem to overcome it.

How to create the T-Virus vaccine synthesis in Resident Evil 3: Remake

As we have already mentioned, this puzzle is a mandatory part of the story, in NEST 2 . When you arrive at this laboratory you will have to create the synthesis of the vaccine for the T virus and for this you will need these two objects :


  • Adjuvant Sample :You can pick it up at 2F, in a cupboard with a green light.
  • Antigen sample :you will locate it in laboratory 1, also in 2F.

It shouldn’t be a problem for you to collect both items by exploring the lab rooms. Once you have them stored in the inventory, you must combine them with each other to create the base vaccine. Now, go back to the room on the second floor of the laboratory where you collected the override key and in this room go to the machine where you must create the vaccine for the virus.

Solution to the puzzle of percentages

The puzzle consists of having three buttons with different intensities: LOW, MED and HIGH , and each of them increases the percentages on the screen. The key is to press them in a certain order to get the three percentages to read 50% .

If you want to have certain clues , this is the effect of each button:

  • Button 1 (MID):+30, +10, +10.
  • Button 1 (HIGH):+40, +20, +20.
  • Button 2 (MID):+10, +10, +10.
  • Button 2 (HIGH):+20, +40, +40.
  • Button 3 (MID):+40, +30, +20.
  • Button 3 (HIGH):+40, +40, +20.

If what you want is directly the solution , this is the following:

  • Left button:set to MID.
  • Center button:set to HIGH.
  • Right button:set to LOW.

And ready. Once this is done, the three percentages will be at 50% and you will be able to collect the Virtus T vaccine to continue towards the end of the game.

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