How to create the perfect deck in Clash Royale to win all the games

We show you how to create the perfect deck in Clash Royale to win . Don’t miss this section. One of the problems with building the perfect deck, even with legendary cards , is that sometimes we pay more attention to the power that each card represents and not to the function . Error that does not help us when it comes to having an adequate defense.

How to Create the Perfect Deck in Clash Royale to Win Every Game

Sometimes we have cards that have nothing to do with the goal , or with what you live in that moment as you move from sand to sand . And that they do not work for you for that combat, that is, you may lack the cards to achieve the proposed objective.

What is the first thing you must be clear about to win?

Some experts recommend using the Slot method as a guide. It focuses on knowing the function of each card and what is the best time to use it. The entire deck is analyzed in its eight spaces, to get the most out of it and its performance.

Therefore, you must take into account both the decks you have in your deck and how to use it in the conditions you have to win. You must choose two of the cards you have. Focus your attention on the damage you are going to do to the enemy towers, no matter what they are.

For example, you might like Pekka’s tank, the Hog Rider for its speed, the Lava Hound. The idea is that you use any depending on the other cards you have. Now let’s see, what you must take into account to create the perfect deck in Clash Royale to win.

What are the cards that you should include in your deck?

Having the objective of two of the eight cards that you must have in your deck, there are others that we must mention. To demolish the tower of the king or those of the princesses.

These two cards must be able to win and do enough damage to the tower in question, at the same time, facilitate the next attack or second card, to win the victory and reach the tower; while everyone else concentrates on the first letter.

Another important card and support for victory, would be, for example, that of a Magician , who serves you with an army to defend your troops from any attack; such as the Rock Thrower or Archers to defend the tower from the rear.

Another interesting card for defenses and to stop the envestidas of the tanks that can pass through the bridge, are the army of Skeletons or gangs of Goblins; Likewise, certain Spells are needed to give support to the troops, either to defend themselves or to attack; for example, the Download or the Trunk.

If you need more help in your attacks, you must have another support card because there are many enemy troops who do not want to allow you to win, then you need another spell but very powerful; use an Inferno Dragon and the problem is over.

Summing up then some tips that should not be forgotten when creating your deck to win in Clash Royale

  • Choose the type of deck you want to have in the game.
  • If you have the right conditions to achieve the objective, if not, then those weaknesses or deficiencies must be covered , for example, replacing a card with another that has a similar role.
  • Spells are also important components in the game, which must be chosen properly and help you with the gaps in the deck; up to three spells can be used .
  • Remember to create synergies between the cards , that is, combine them because their powers have a greater effect together than separately; they work great for troops in their attack or spells.
  • Likewise, the fulfillment of the role that is attributed to a card , since it can have a single role in the play, or several of them.

Finally, we have seen that for the creation of a perfect deck in Clash Royale, there really is no fixed and programmed way to do it, you can obtain and use the highest level card , everything will depend on the strategy that each player considers to be the best ; however, we must not forget the aforementioned guidelines.


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