How to create stories with black background instagram

Instagram has recently added the famous Stories with which we can share our moments with photos, writings, videos, live broadcasts, among others. There is a new way of writing stories that everyone does not know but there are others that use it a lot, these are Create a black background for Instagram stories and you can write or add stickers.

Black background for Instagram stories

This is a simple trick that allows us to write without any problem in the story, it is like having a blank canvas where everything stands out much better, and even more so for the writings as for the stickers or stickers or any extras we want to add. better as it provides a better view.

How to create stories with black background instagram

This is simple and allows us to write a fluid story without any problem, it’s like when you have a black background to write whatever you want. Many are wondering how this is done since in some cases their friends post it but they don’t know how to do it so they want to learn how to create the black background or any other color to implement it in their stories.

Create a story with a black background

What you need to do is the following, we will leave you a link to download the pictures you like, and  then you have your own colors, so you can use the wallpaper you need, you just need to tap the link to download it and enjoy a picture For all your favorite stories.

Others just take a photo that covers the camera lens and then get the black they need for their stories this way they can make their stories calmly and quickly and that’s what we recommend here for being the simplest and does not imply downloads of any kind

How to make black screen photos in Instagram stories

  • Download the image or take the photo by covering the lens.
  • Open Instagram
  • To display a menu for uploading photos, the black background you downloaded should appear.
  • Select and now you can write and add what you need.
  • Upload your story and enjoy.

We are very happy to have helped you enjoy this great Instagram tool. We hope that the black background works for you and that your stories can stand out among your friends. It is a pleasure to help you put Instagram Stories on a black background.

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