How to create rules in Gmail from messages for anything

With the increase in the use of emails every day they offer a greater number of tricks and secrets that help us manage all emails. By creating rules in Gmail you will be able to separate important emails from all the advertising you receive daily.

If you are used to receiving a lot of publicity on a daily basis, surely you lose sight of the emails that are of interest to you. With the rules you can not only filter emails , but you will also establish automatic actions for each one.

How to create rules in Gmail for messages

Filters allow you to have control of all the information you receive in your mailbox. Set a label for a specific email address or delete what you consider spam as soon as they enter your account.

Create a filter

  • Login to your Gmail account .
  • In the search box type a word that you want to use as a filter. It can be an email address, a person’s name, a subject, or some keyword.
  • Click on the magnifying glass or press Enter.
  • Inside the search box there is a button called Show search options , with a click of a down arrow. Press the button.
  • Set the filter parameters such as sender, subject, what words it contains. Size or date range.
  • Then press the Create filter button.
  • Choose the action you want to set with the messages that match the filter. Archive, mark as read, star, apply tag, forward, delete, mark as important, classify, etc.
  • Press the Create filter button again .

Create a filter from a specific message

  • Access your Gmail account.
  • Choose the message you want to use.
  • Check the checkbox right next to the message title.
  • Click the More button , identified by three dots.
  • Sets the filter criteria.
  • Choose actions to apply to messages.
  • To finish, press the Create filter button .

Important: if you apply an email forwarding filter, it will only be valid for future messages. If someone answers this message, it will only be filtered if it meets the requirements.

Edit or delete a filter

  • Enter the configuration area of your Gmail account. Click the button with a nut icon located at the top right of the platform.
  • Click See all settings .
  • Select the Filters and blocked addresses option .
  • Choose the filter you want to delete or edit and check the checkbox.

Share a filter with another Gmail account

If you work in a company and use the same message organization system, this option can be very useful. Export your current filters so that another user can apply it to their email account.

  • Enter your email account with your access data.
  • Access your Gmail account settings .
  • Select View all settings .
  • Choose the Filters and Blocked Addresses tab.
  • Select the filters you want to export.
  • Finally, press the Export button .

Upload filters to Gmail account

The process to load the filters in the Gmail account is very similar. As a final result of the import, you must have an XML file that must be loaded into the Gmail account configuration.

  • Access the other Gmail account.
  • Enter the account settings (Settings button).
  • Click See all settings.
  • Choose the Filters and blocked addresses tab .
  • Select the Import filters button .
  • Press the Select file button and upload the XML document.
  • Click the Open File button to finish the process.

Now your inbox will be optimized. You will have a considerable time saving that will be transformed into greater work productivity.


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