How to create privacy policies for Google Play Store Apps?

As of 2017, the Google company increased the levels of control over the privacy policies that it imposes, in general, on the applications (apps) that it offers through its Google Play Store. In this note we show you how to create privacy policies for Google Play Store Apps.

Following the global wave that points to greater privacy controls in the traffic that I know generally through the web, the North American consortium Google has increased its standards of demand in this matter , both for its own applications and for those generated by third parties.

This is how, starting in 2017, hundreds of Apps that could be downloaded through the Google store: Google Play Store, were disabled because they did not comply with the policies required by the company. Today here we will show you how to create privacy policies for Google Play Store Apps.

In case you don’t know, there is a Google tool called Google Play Console that allows you to upload and publish applications in the Play Store , and as we mentioned before it is important that before uploading a page it has privacy policies.

And just as you can upload applications, Google Play Console also allows you to delete it.

Google privacy policies

When a person downloads an Application for mobile devices, through the different existing platforms, either through the Google Play Store or the Apple Store , the first thing they have in mind is that their personal information: emails, personal data, photographs, videos, keys, etc., do not go to third hands.

This is what is referred to when talking about security policies: to guarantee the user that with the Apps he is downloading, he will not suffer violations of the integrity of his sensitive information.

In the case of Google, the commitment to ensure user privacy applies both to its own Apps, as well as to those generated through third-party companies.

As a way to help decide which application to download via Android , third-party companies can add a connection to their privacy policy, on the Google Play Store in what is known as the App details page. This is one way external companies share their security policies with users.

Google Play Store is one of the most popular online and app stores in the world, present on many devices. You can install this application wherever you want, you can even have Google Play Store on your Smart TV.

How to create privacy policies for Google Play Store Apps?

Take into account the following steps to generate privacy policies for your applications. First of all, you must enter the Google Play Developer Console. Once there, you choose the app with which you are going to work.

Choose from the menu the function ” Presence in Google Play Store ” and then ” File of Play Store “. When you have accessed the File, you must go to the lower area and there you put the URL that will host the security policy.

It should be noted that the Apps in the Google Play Store for Android do not always make the privacy policies public. In these cases, when they do not see it at first glance, you can locate them on the details page of the application in the Google store. In this section we show you how to create privacy policies for Google Play Store Apps.

Generate your own security policies

There are alternatives such as including the security policy on the mobile device, which would work as one of reinforcing Google’s policies. However, the most recommended thing is that the privacy policy is linked to a Webview , which allows it to be updated more frequently, without the device having to be updated.

In the event that we choose to generate our own privacy policies, it should be taken into account that they must always have the advice of an expert in law, and preferably one who has knowledge of regulations of this type.

However, you can always find alternatives on the matter on the web, which allow you to develop privacy policies automatically, based on previously determined templates.

The efforts of companies that generate applications for mobile devices are increasingly aimed at protecting the privacy of users . For sensitive information we have that which is generated through: camera, user data, microphone, telephone, accounts, among others. Today here we show you how to create privacy policies for Google Play Store Apps.

Another way to make edits in the application you created is through Android Studio, this way you can add the updates you want to your application.



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