How to create or organize your own tournament in Clash Royale

Usually when it comes to games available for mobile devices , it is almost impossible not to think about Clash Royale . Which is considered one of the best mobile real-time strategy games.

How to Create or Organize your Own Tournament in Clash Royale step by step

Since it can boast with all its millions of users, who are enchanting with the gameplay , game options and level of strategy that the game offers you in order to be the best.

This game seeks to encourage its users to be competitive , in order to advance within it, managing to add victories, crowns and greater success within the platform.

As well as it can grow within the platform, it is possible that you access lathes, or that you create your own, with which you can obtain different types of rewards and friends with whom you can ally to continue playing.

Enter general tournaments

Within the Clash Royale platform , it is possible that you join a tournament that is created by another user, as well as you can create your own, with a few steps which we explain here.

To be able to create your own tournament, it is necessary that you enter the “Events” section in which, once you have pressed it, you will be able to see that all those special events appear, that are in progress at that moment, or which in otherwise they have a marked period of time to be able to start.

If you go down a little more, you will see that just below these special events, there will be those events that will always be available for you to enter.

Within the platform, it is known as ” The Great Challenge “, which to enter, it is necessary to have an entry rate of 100 gems, in which you can see that the main prize is 22,000 coins and 1,100 cards .

In this challenge you will see that the tournaments follow and among the first options is the “join” button. Although it is necessary that you take into account the fact that for many of these, you must have a password to access.

How to create your own tournament within Clash Royale

To start with your own tournament, the main thing here is to baptize it with the name that you are going to place, for which we must enter a name right in the upper section of the text.

Once the name is placed, you must enter a very brief description , with which the players are encouraged to participate in it.

If you wish, you can configure it, so that it has a password, which will be shared only to those users you want.

Choosing your type of tournament

Once you have completed all the previous steps, you will only have to fill in the most important data, such as: What will be the first prize that the winner of your tournament will win How much will be the limit of the participants for said tournament? Is it necessary to specify the duration of the tournament?

Likewise, it is important that you take the following into account, and that is that the higher the reward you offer, the higher the price you will have to pay to create the tournament. For this reason, you can choose between 4 types of tournaments which you can choose comfortably and here we describe them:

  • For 100 gems, for which up to 50 players can enter and the reward will be 25 cards and 175 coins for the one who manages to win.
  • For 500 gems, up to 100 players will be able to access and the rewards will be 100 cards and 700 coins for the one who is victorious.
  • For 2,000 gems, 200 players will be able to enter and the rewards will be higher, since the first will have 400 cards and 2,800 coins
  • Lastly, if you decide that your tournament costs 10,000 gems, 1,000 players can enter the game and the main prize will be 2,000 cards and 14,000 coins.


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