How to create or organize private or custom games in Fortnite?

Fortnite is the current trend, not only for the quality of the game, but also for its updates, with functions such as creating your own games. For this reason today you will learn to create or organize private or custom games in Fortnite and have access to the things to do in its creative world.

How to Create or Organize Private or Custom Games in Fortnite Very easy!

And is that everyone likes to be the creator of a game, and more if you can edit various functions so that the game is played with the rules that you set. Whether it’s to play for laughter with friends, or to practice for a tournament, being able to create private games is one of the best features of Fortnite .

Create or organize private or custom games in Fortnite

First of all, before you know how to enter a custom game , you should know that this function is not available for everyone yet. And even Epic games (the creator of Fortnite), has not said if it will ever be available to everyone.

The requirements that you must meet to be able to enter one are the following: the host account must have 2FA enabled. And the account must have an approval or authorization from the competitive team of the game.

Also that all the players are from the same region, and finally if you are making Fortnite miniatures for your YouTube channel , you must hide the access code so that no one can enter. If you meet all these prerequisites you can create or organize private or custom games in Fortnite.


Organize the game

To organize your private game, you must first know that all the players who are going to participate must be in the same region of the world. Then you have to choose the game mode you want. Establish the rules of the game to avoid the reports that are needed to ban in Fortnite.

Then press the option “Custom game” found in the bottom corner on the right side of the screen. It will ask you to enter the password that will be used in the game, do so and click ” OK “.

Once you have done this, click on ” Play ” so that all the players who have the password join, the person who is the host will be able to see how many players are in the queue and in the game. When you see that everything is ready, click on “Start game”.

Take into account that when the game starts, no one can join anymore even if they have the password, so it is good to wait for everyone to be first.

Join the game

With what you read before you should already know how to create or organize private or custom games in Fortnite, now you will see how to join in the event that you are not the host.

The steps are almost identical to the previous one, you must make sure you are in the same region, then go to “Choose game mode” and choose “Custom game” , enter the password that the host gave you (with capital and small letters included), click to ” Play ” and wait for the next game to start.


How should the access code be?

You must have noticed that the most important thing to create and join these types of games is the access code. Creating it is not complicated, but it must meet certain requirements which are:

It must have between 4 and 16 characters (without specials), and it must also be unique and difficult, because otherwise an error message will be displayed. And finally, as in the previous requirements, it must always remain a secret among the members of the event to avoid unwanted invaders that could interrupt the game.

And that’s it, you know what it takes to create or organize private or custom games in Fortnite, in addition to having learned how to join and how to create an effective password. Now if you are one of the lucky ones that meets the requirements, go and enjoy one of the best functions of the game.


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