How to create or make a contact form in Dreamweaver

A website is a project that takes a lot of work, as well as a creative mind , to be completed successfully. It is a job that requires a great deal of attention to detail, as well as a clinical eye when it comes to adding what it takes to make it much more interactive or attractive to different visitors if that’s the end of it.

Often it is not enough to just have the dream of being able to create a website in your head, but you must also have a great deal of knowledge and experience in your head. It is certainly a project that can be done through a trial and error process, although it is something that will surely take a little longer.

Usually, it is necessary to have extensive programming knowledge to be able to put together a web page from scratch, as well as to have enough money for a hosting service and a computer with correct specifications so that much of the content that will be put there can be created. .

Today, there are several tools that allow you to find the framework for creating a website, but few are as efficient as Adobe Dreamweaver , a program that allows you to create all kinds of content for a website, customize it and create it. from a null point, and then paste the necessary codes to the code of the web to see them come true.

Contact forms on your website

When you have a website, you have to think about everything a little, which can change depending on the website you create, since each one is intended for a specific topic, one can be seen with a multitude of ideas about what can be done to complement a page in a good way.

One of the details that cannot be missing in the completion of a web page is a contact form , a site where a user can fill in different fields along with a message hoping that the administrator or creator of the website can contact this individual back .

It is a very useful tool when you need feedback from different users, or simple contact due to employment or other reasons. And while there are several ways you can do one, Dreamweaver gives you the tools you need to make a contact form in just the blink of an eye.

Creating your contact form in Dreamweaver

Since Dreamweaver is a tool that seeks to simplify the entire process of creating and customizing a web page, it is a quick task to be able to create a contact form for your website.

To be able to create one, you just have to open Dreamweaver on your computer, and create a new file under HTML code. Now, you should go to the ‘Insert’ menu , where you will click on ‘Form’ and then on ‘ Text Field ‘.

Now, you will see how a blank field opens on your screen, which you must customize by labeling it according to what you need in your form, such as the username or other useful information, before pressing the ‘Enter’ key to bring up another form.

You should use the tools on the screen to make the correct modification for each field, taking into account what we need from each one, without forgetting to select everything in HTML format. Then, you can create a ‘Submit’ button by entering again the ‘Insert’ command that you have in the toolbar, then ‘Form’ and finally ‘Button’, doing everything to your liking.

Finally, save your new file, copy the HTML code found inside the program and paste it into the programming code of your website to see how your new contact form will appear on your page.


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