How to create or make a balance sheet in Excel

The Excel program is one of the most popular when it comes to creating balances or data comparisons , since creating spreadsheets or making forms in Excel to enter data are one of the easiest tasks to perform.

Therefore, what you should keep in mind when using Excel to make a balance sheet for accounting, is to know the basic concepts that make up the balance sheet. That is, to know what the Assets, Liabilities and Equity or Stockholders’ Equity are, both in general and the data that make up each one in your company.

So then, we will show you the steps you must follow so that you learn how to make a balance sheet for accounting in Excel easily.

What concepts to include in a balance sheet for accounting in Excel?

One of the best options for making a balance sheet is the Excel program. Well, you can easily and comfortably use this platform even when you do not handle the concept that defines what a spreadsheet is fluently .

However, to create a balance sheet for accounting, it is essential that you know the terms that make up the balance sheet. Therefore, the first thing to do is to know the basic concepts that make up a statement of financial position as this is what is shown in this tool.

The first of these elements are Assets, which are the assets that the company has . Likewise, the second element is made up of the company’s Liabilities, which are those payment obligations or outflows of goods that the company has.

Finally, the capital of the company that refers to the money that it owns , as well as the goods translated into money that it has. This concept is formed with respect to all the Assets minus all the Liabilities of the company.

How to make a balance sheet for accounting in Excel easily?

Once you enter Excel on your computer or from the Microsoft Office online platform , the first step to create a balance sheet for accounting on this platform is to establish in the first row the name of the company for which we carry out said balance together with the period to which said balance corresponds.

Subsequently, you must establish a section for Assets , which will comprise from column B to E. Defining the title of each operation in the corresponding cell. Likewise, you must establish the Liabilities section from column H to K, leaving columns A and F free to list each of these.

Then, you must define the corresponding internal sections of Assets, that is, define current, fixed and later deferred. The other columns corresponding to this section will be for you to enter the amounts of each asset, leaving the last one to show the total for each type of asset.

Likewise, you must repeat this process under the concept and section of the Liabilities that the company has . Defining, also, current, fixed and deferred. Finally, you will have to establish a cell in the Liabilities section to show the Stockholders’ Equity.

What should I keep in mind to make a balance sheet for accounting in Excel?

Excel is one of the best tools for creating spreadsheets , and it is also the best way to quickly and easily create a balance sheet for accounting.

In this way, you should consider that the importance of creating this type of balance sheets allows companies, organizations and even people associated with business activities , a general view of the company’s economy.

Therefore, considering that the Excel formulas that you must use to create this spreadsheet are the simplest. You must be careful about the data you handle, because it is essential that when you make a general balance sheet in Excel, the information you have is accurate and specific regarding the Assets and liabilities available to the company.


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