How to create nicknames for Roblox

If you are a player looking for platforms where you can play with multiple users and in addition to that you can create your own world and characters , the best option for you is Roblox . This is because Roblox is a platform that at the time of entering it and creating an account you must start with a nickname for your character, the nickname is the name that your Roblox will have to be able to play within the available worlds .

Now, you are probably wondering how to create nicknames for Roblox automatically, the answer is very simple, for them you will need automatic name generators. Next we are going to talk about which are the best sites available on the web to generate the nickname of your Roblox and in this way you can create your account with the ideal nickname for you.

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  1. What does the Roblox username mean?
  2. What are the characteristics that names should have?
  3. Best sites to generate the name automatically
    1. Nickfinder
    2. Spinxo
    3. Nickerino
  4. What is the price to change the name?

What does the Roblox username mean?

When creating your Roblox account it is mandatory to be able to create the character with which you are going to be able to play, said character needs to be able to be identified, since Roblox is a platform where you can play with multiple users.

The username in Roblox means the identification of your Roblox, that is, that username that you add is the name with which you will appear within the platform and by which they will be able to identify your avatar.

What are the characteristics that names should have?

The characteristics that usernames must have within Roblox are as peculiar as the platform. When creating the account you must comply with these details in order to create a user that adapts to the game.

The name cannot be less than 4 characters, but it cannot exceed 20 characters . The platform does not accept names with special characters, only letters and numbers should be used.

It is necessary to make a combination between uppercase, lowercase and numbers . Two underscores cannot be used and there cannot be spaces within the name.

Best sites to generate the name automatically

Given that the characteristics that the user name must have in Roblox are so peculiar, many times the imagination runs out of ideas to create the ideal nickname. But, not having an idea is not a problem, since on the internet there are many options to find a nickname for your Roblox , however, we have taken the task of looking for the three best name generators so that you do a lot easy to complete your profile with an automatically generated nickname.


This first option, which is Nickfinder, is very popular, since it is widely used among gamers, because in the world of video games there are many nicknames that must be created. This portal shares a top of 50 options daily , but if the name you want to use in the search engine is not within that top, you can insert an idea and you will have more than 10,000,000 nickname options .


This platform is very good for creating nicknames for any social network, there are many name options available, but the best thing about using Spinxo is that it has a specific section to generate Roblox nicknames, the section in which you must enter It is called “Roblox Name Generator” . 


The good thing about using Nickerino is that the page is responsible for generating names and nicknames by categories, for this reason that if you are looking for a nickname for your user in Roblox it is necessary that you enter the category “Names for Roblox” and look for the option that you like more.

What is the price to change the name?

This time you need to know that it is much easier to have an autoclick for Roblox games than to change the name, the following happens, once you have created a name to be able to change said nickname, you need to pay and the price to change the name. The name is 1,000 Robux, the Robux is the official currency of the video game and if you want to have 1,000 Robux you have to pay $ 10 .

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