How to create memories with the Photos app on iPhone

Modern gallery apps such as Google Photos, Apple Photos, and Samsung Gallery come with cloud storage support, facial recognition, advanced editing tools, and the ability to create a video / movie using many features. Apple Photos is catching up with them too. You can create a beautiful memory montage using the photos and videos in the Photos app on iPhone and iPad.

Apple continues to improve the Photos app on iPhone and iPad with each major operating system update. As soon as you upload photos and videos to iCloud, it will create memory using similar photos and videos of the date and create amazing memory with animations and music.

You can also go ahead and manually create a memory from your selected images and videos. And what is more? With iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 updates, users can integrate music tracks from Apple Music directly.

Can’t wait to create a memory in the Apple Photos app? Let us begin.

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Create memories automatically in the Photos app

Apple automatically creates a memory based on your photos and videos uploaded to the iCloud platform. If you want some out-of-the-box memories in the Photos app, enable iCloud Photos from the Settings app.

Step 1: Open Settings app on iPhone.

Step 2: Go to the Profile menu> iCloud.

Step 3: Select Photos and enable iCloud Photos from the next menu.

The Photos app will upload all the photos and videos to the iCloud platform. Now you don’t have to do anything. You can let iCloud work magic behind the scenes and create amazing memories right in the app.

Give it time. You can open the Photos app and go to the For You tab on the bottom bar. You will see Memories at the top. Tap See All, and all the memories created by iCloud are ready to amaze you. No manual input is required.

iCloud does a good job in the Photos app. But you can do a better job for yourself. For example, you can select which photos to add to memories and select a song that goes with the mood. That’s how.

Create memories in the Photos app on iPhone and iPad

Since you create a memory using images and videos in the Photos app, you don’t have to upload the media to iCloud. Here’s how to proceed.

Step 1: Open the Photos app on your iPhone and go to the Library menu.

Step 2: Tap on the Months tab at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3: You will see all your recent photos and videos carefully categorized by events.

Step 4: Tap on the three-dot menu and select Play Memory Movie.

The Photos app will take you to the dedicated memory editor. Here are all the functions to create a beautiful memory on iPhone.

Change title

By default, Apple Photos uses the date as the default title for the memory. After all, you don’t want to use a date as the title for Memory.

Tap the three-dot menu at the top and select Edit title. Add a new title and subtitle to give it a more personalized look.

Adjust photos and videos

From the memory editor menu, you can tap the organize tab at the bottom and view all the media in memory.

Tap the three-dot menu at the top and select Manage Photos. You can remove media from memory and add new ones from the photo library.

You can long press any photo in the same menu and turn it into a key photo for memory.

Add Music from Apple Music

The Photos app adds random music to your memory. You can easily change it. Tap on the Music icon at the bottom and you will see the current music track. Tap on the Music icon and select a new track to deploy to Apple Music memory.

Use a filter in memory

Similar to Photos and Videos, you can apply a filter to memory created in the Photos app. Tap the Music icon in the memory editor menu and select Filters. Next, select a relevant filter from the Memory Looks menu and hit the Done button at the top.

After making all the relevant changes, you can exit the memory editor and iPhone or iPad menu in the For You section in the Photos app.

You can bookmark a memory and view it from the Favorites menu in the Photos application.

Create an amazing memory with photos on iPhone

Prepare to amaze everyone with the Memory feature on iPhone. Apple Photos comfortably surpasses the video creation capabilities of Google Photos with Apple Music integration, filters, and more built into the memory editor. Plus, those who prefer large screens can use the Photos app on the iPad to quickly create a memory.

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