How to create landing pages for Instagram

Product marketing has transcended barriers and can currently be managed through social networks . A clear example of this is making landing pages for Instagram, one of the most popular interaction platforms today.

Whatever the objective of your business, the possibility of transforming a visitor into a potential customer. It is the purpose on which these aspects work.

When it comes to marketing, internet pages have not gone out of style, as they are still a fundamental element for sales. However, society has acquired absolute interaction through social networks. Which can be used in your favor if you want to publicize your company or offer to the community .

Landing pages for Instagram do not work very differently from what they have been doing over the years, since they are only implemented in a different way to adapt to the interface of the program.

That is why if you are interested in knowing what landing pages are about, how they work and how you can add it to your Instagram business page , keep reading.

What are landing pages for Instagram?

Also called a landing page, it is a web link that works independently, whose purpose is to convert visitors into possible leads .

Leads are those people who go from reviewing the content of a site to performing an action within the page, whether it is processing a purchase, initiating an enrollment, subscribing to a service, among others.

Within marketing this is an essential aspect, as it is taken as the growth margin that is related to the interest and sale of the products.

Like any other, landing pages for Instagram can also work based on SEO optimization and Google Adwords campaigns; generally this is the most recommended, as it will make search engines give a better position to the link in question.

Landing page functions or landing pages

As mentioned above, the purpose of these links is to encourage the visitor to perform an action within the web , so that they can interact with the products or services offered by the company.

Like any other, landing pages for Instagram work independently of the program, since they generate a redirect to a new site.

However, this style of page should not lose the relationship with the company or the product , but rather focus directly on the benefits that they provide once they are acquired.

This will help the user to improve their experience within the site, and as a result significantly improve the conversion rate of your business.

How to create landing pages for Instagram with Canva?

Since Instagram is a social network that works on the basis of sharing multimedia content. The most effective way to promote a business’s service is through attractive and informative images .

Canva is an application that offers free and paid services. In order that its users can generate any type of design within its interface.

One of its most popular options is to create a ” Poster for Instagram “. Which once selected will show you a set of recommended templates. As you can also choose to create the image from scratch.

From there you can design the content that best defines your company to your liking. So that it can be published through its Instagram profile and viewed by followers.

When it comes to the landing page, its location will depend on how you decide to publish the content. Since if you decide to share it as a post, you can add the link within the description of the image.

On the other hand, if you also decide to share it through the stories, this section has a configuration that allows you to attach links. So users just have to slide their finger up to access the page, which is very useful and functional. Creating landing pages with Canva has never been so easy. What are you waiting to try?


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