How To Create FuboTV Account From Any Device

The passion for sports reaches levels of satisfaction never seen before, it was common to resort to elements such as the Apple TV movie and series service , to mitigate the desire to see high-quality sports content that is scarce in the media common. For this reason, among the best applications for iPad , those referring to connectivity with entertainment elements could range.

A great demand is being formed by users who are fascinated with the quality of FuboTV, to the point that they want to link the quality that it offers, with that of Apple TV , not in vain other examples apply and some want to use another great platform like Disney Plus on Apple TV .

However, the leading role that FuboTV is taking forces us to detail how to create an account and register on this great platform. Which we will talk about next.

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  1. What is FuboTV and why is it becoming so famous?
  2. In which countries can Fubo TV be viewed?
  3. How to create an account and sign up for FuboTV?
  4. What content does Fubo TV have included?
  5. What type of plans exist and what is their cost?
  6. What forms of payment are supported on the platform?
  7. On what devices can an account be created?
    1. From PC
    2. On cell phones
    3. Video game consoles
    4. Smart tv

What is FuboTV and why is it becoming so famous?

In short, it is a streaming service, applied and focused on soccer , but the quality of the initial service delighted users so much that it was necessary to expand the arena of available options, to satisfy users who report delighted with the service. It is true that it was born as a streaming dedicated to soccer, but it quickly expanded its borders and encompassed all sports.

In which countries can Fubo TV be viewed?

It is currently available in countries such as the US, Canada and Spain, since lovers of sporting events, as well as sports in general , see this platform as a stronghold of their most passionate desires and desires, because in it they find what they don’t get in other spaces. A sacred dedication to the subject of sport. But the high demand forces the company to expand even more, making it connect with other aspects of life that are equally attractive.

FuboTV now encompasses a wide range of options that makes it even more demanded by users who love transmission quality. Such aspects can be science or entertainment, however, there is no doubt that the company’s inclination to grow and please users does not diminish its commitment and commitment to providing a great service referred to and focused on sport , as the main attraction. .

How to create an account and sign up for FuboTV?

  1. The initial step to create an account and register on FuboTV is to enter its official website, specifically in the “signup” section.
  2. An email accountmust be provided . To do this, it must be one that is active, since it must be entered to receive future information, and it will also be where the access credential is sent.
  3. A password is entered to suit the user.
  4. Check the zip code of the town. It must be specific to the region, since the programming offered will be in accordance with regionalization. Select “confirm” and then “continue”.
  5. The plan to be agreed must be chosen, for which it is recommended, review the options offered in detail, clicking on “more information”. Where a list of channels and extra content is given.
  6. Now the add-ons must be chosen. They are included in the recommended configurations and provisions of the chosen plan. However, more can be chosen.
  7. If you want more, just click on add. Once this is done, we press “continue until the last step”
  8. Finally, the payment or billing information for the serviceis detailed . Where a payment method is entered that is valid according to the details offered by FuboTV.
  9. Click on the box indicating that you agree. After reading the terms of service.
  10. It only remains to press on “start watching FuboTV”. Ending the process successfully and now being able to enjoy your service.

What content does Fubo TV have included?

FuboTv offers you a large amount of content that you can enjoy, that is why since it was launched, the service continues to add a large number of channels that are not sports in all its available packages. It currently already has 35 main channels, among which are NBA TV, NFL, ESPN, Disney Channel, Discovery, National Geographic, FX, among others.

What type of plans exist and what is their cost?

Fubo Family Basic Package: $ 65 per month and accessibility to 115 channels and 500 hours available for DVR recording. Even for an additional $ 6, you can get a Fubo Extra add-on with 30 channels on various topics such as: lifestyle, sports, and entertainment.

  • Sport Plus:For just $ 11 a month with 28 channels including the NFL RedZone
  • Showtime:with 9 live channels and a Showtime On Demand catalog for $ 11 per month
  • Fubo Ultra:this last package is the most complete of all, since it includes all the previous ones, for only $ 85 per month and with the saving of almost $ 20 less if you contract each package individually.

There are several alternatives, when acquiring FuboTV, you can even take advantage of a free trial that they offer you for 7 days and once the period is over, enjoy the various plans that it offers us.

What forms of payment are supported on the platform?

Easily pay for your FuboTV service, using credit cards and debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. There are currently no prepaid cards with which you can pay on FuboTV.

On what devices can an account be created?

The list is extensive and very rich, since the great demand for FuboTV services forces the company to expand more and more, so we bring you some of the most accessible options from where you can have full access and enjoy everything. the content that FuboTV offers you. In addition to its transmission in 4K Ultra HD.

From PC

Access easily from the FuboTV website with your computer or Tablet.

On cell phones

Currently the compatible version that you can find for mobile devices is 4.0 that emulates the interface of the FuboTV website, and where you can also enjoy the recordings you make in the cloud, as well as the Startover function. The most compatible devices are:

  • iPhone, iPad, iPod
  • Android Mobile

Video game consoles

  • Microsoft Xbox One

So far this is the only console that is compatible with FuboTV, however, they continue to work to further expand their options and very soon, there could be important updates.

Smart tv

It is also compatible with the various Streaming devices such as:

  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Android TV, along with Google TV
  • Apple TV 4K
  • Roku, Chromecast and Browser Sticks


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