How to create free personalized funny memes using an online generator?

Today we want to teach you how to create a meme using an online meme generator , we all know what a meme is about and how fun they can be, but not all of us know how to create one.

Memes have become a trend in recent years, and that is why today we will show you some of the ways you can create a meme using an online meme generator, know how fast and simple it is. Soon you will be able to make memes with photos on your iPhone and Android phone.

Meet here the best generators to make memes

Let’s start by showing you some of the generators that you can use. Surely you already know how simple it can be to make a meme, because whenever something important or funny happens in the world, there is very little time that passes for us to see memes.

Canva meme

You probably already know this website and not precisely because of the memes. This has become the main website used for making memes. This site offers a completely free and very simple meme generator.

All you have to do is enter Canva and search for “Canva meme “, start editing and at the end you can save all your memes on your PC or phone.

Likewise, it offers other innovative options such as making a pixelated effect in Canva or also resizing or resizing a design in Canva.

With this site you can not only create a meme using a generator, but it also offers you endless memes already created that are only ready for you to download and start using.


This online meme generator is known and one of the most used thanks to the fact that it offers its users a large number of different templates to create their most fun and original memes.

This online meme generator also offers its users a great variety of created memes , which they just have to download and start using.

In addition, it allows them to upload their own images and edit them in the way they like the most in a simple way.

Step by step to create a meme in an online generator

Now, we’ve already shown you some of the most common and effective meme generators, but you’re probably still wondering how to do them. So here we are going to show you step by step how to design your own meme.

The first thing you should do is enter the page of the online meme generator that you prefer, once you are on the page in most of these you will find the option “Design your own meme” on the main page.

Right away the different templates available will appear and to one side or below a menu with the options to write the text, change the color, the shape or add stickers. Design your meme the way you like best and then click “Save.”


Also in most meme generators you have the option to upload your own photo, this option is always next to the canvas or template, look for the camera icon and next to it “Upload new photo”, look for the photo that you want to use and voila, you can start editing your meme.

Make sure to use known generators

Currently there are many generators that are available on the internet. That is why you should be careful with the online meme generator that you decide to use.

Previously we have given you at least three options with the best generators to create your own memes, we recommend that you use only one of those and not one that you can find by searching the internet. This is because you could run into unreliable websites that will not meet your expectations of creating the best internet meme to go viral!


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