How to create free Mailchimp account

The world of digital marketing and advertising can be somewhat complicated when you do not have the necessary knowledge, so there are university degrees dedicated solely to this. Also, this can make the life of a small business owner, with little knowledge on the subject and no viable access to a publicist; be a bit difficult when it comes to promoting or advertising online .

That is why when the need calls, you have to be creative and be able to find the best tools online and see something that can be easy to use.

With a simple internet search, you can find lots of different tools that can help you find better advertising for a business, as well as different tutorials and courses that can be taken for free to improve this aspect of a small business. or big.

But whatever search you do, it is possible that at some point you will end up with an extremely valuable tool from an advertising point of view, which is Mailchimp .

Mailchimp, as such, is an email advertising and marketing service, which helps its user to have a totally different vision of what email advertising is, helping in each step that is needed.

Whether it is a small or large business, many have ended up choosing to use Mailchimp to ensure a better future. That is why, if you are interested in starting this particular service, you can start by creating an account and configure it through the following tutorial.

What you have to keep in mind before starting

Mailchimp, at first glance, seems like a service that you just subscribe to and start your activities, but you really need to be clear about a few things before you start creating an account. First, you have to know that although you do not need to install any program to use the platform , the browser must be up to date and must accept the cookies provided by the site.

Also, you will need an email account to be contacted, a username and a physical postal address. And, although you don’t need a credit card to sign up and you can opt for a free membership , there are paid memberships that require a credit card or other payment method.

Creating an account in Mailchimp

Creating an account within Mailchimp is fairly straightforward, and very straightforward in terms of creating an account for such a platform.

You must start by going to the official Mailchimp web portal and then clicking on the “Sign up for free” button and begin the account creation process by filling in the fields that appear on the screen with the designated information, such as your email and a password .

Once you have carried out the process described above, you should look in your email for a Mailchimp message to verify your account, which, through the ” activate your account ” button, will take you to a site so that you can activate your account in a satisfactory way, in addition to verifying that you are not a robot.

And, you will soon be able to start setting up your account, since the account you log in to the site for the first time, it will ask you for some extra information in order to start working with Mailchimp.

Among the extra information that Mailchimp will ask for from you is your name, as well as certain questions about your company or business, which include the type of content of the same and the name. Likewise, you will be asked for a URL to your website and the physical email address that we indicated above.

Once you have finished with this process, you will have your account fully configured and ready to be used with the help that Mailchimp provides to its users.


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