How to create folders from CMD in Windows

Windows 10 is the new and renewed version of Microsoft , with which the company intends to regain lost space with the implementation of Windows 8. Although this operating system has its own console interface such as PowerShell. But still you can run some commands in CMD to modify some aspects of the system. Therefore we will teach you how to create folders or directories step by step from CMD in Windows 10.

How to Create Folders or Directories step by step From CMD on my Windows 10 PC

The command interface is easy to use, but it can pose a huge risk to system integrity if you don’t know how to proceed. Since the introduction of a wrong command could compromise its normal operation. But if you follow the steps correctly, it is even possible to erase a virus with CMD.

But in this article we will focus on a task that although it is possible to perform it by other means, through CMD it is more advantageous and easier to perform. Since these consoles can even enable or disable the USB ports . But let’s see then how to create folders or directory from CMD step by step on my PC from Windows 10.


  • Steps to create folders from CMD in Windows 10
  • Steps to create directory from CMD in Windows 10

Steps to create folders from CMD in Windows 10

If you are a user who has worked with the CMD console before, you should know that commands are used by this means that allow you to carry out the task you want to carry out. For this reason creating folders from here is easier than doing it in the traditional way. And then let’s see what are the commands we need to create the folders or directories.

But before showing the commands you need to open the CMD command console and for this you must open the Windows 10 start menu . This will be done by clicking on the Windows icon in the lower left corner. The next step is to write the word Run in the search engine and press the Enter key to display its window.

Now you must write the word CMD in this new window and then you must press the Enter key and then the CMD command console will be displayed on the screen. Now to be able to create a folder from this console you must write the command “MD” then the destination of said folder or “D: \” or “C: \” finally the name of the folder and then press the Enter key.

Therefore, if you want to create a folder on the local drive, a folder with the name Discover how to do it, you must write the command in this way (MD C: \ Discover how to do it) finally press the Enter key. And this folder will appear in the destination you have chosen with the indicated name.

Steps to create directory from CMD in Windows 10

As you can see, it is very easy to create folders in any location on our PC if we know the commands that we must enter in the CMD command console. But it is also possible to create directories or what is also known as file libraries. Therefore the command to use is the same, only you must put the name of the folders.

Therefore you must write the Exam directory and within it several folders E1, E2, E3 therefore to create the directory in CMD you must do the following. (MD exam \ e1 exam \ e2 exam \ e3) as you can see it is very easy to do this procedure if you know the commands to use.

In this way you can work with the CMD command console and in simple steps you have been able to learn how to create folders and directories from CMD in Windows 10 . An excellent tool that will also be used to format write-protected pen drives .

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