How to create custom QR codes in Canva?

Technology advances in an incredible way, this is demonstrated in the small inventions that have been shaping these last decades, such as QR codes. These added a new way of doing things faster, bringing convenience to users on their mobiles. This is why you will learn how to create custom QR codes in Canva.

And the thing is, this Japanese invention revolutionized the industry, because thanks to it, things that used to be done slower (such as reaching a certain web page or profile), are now achieved with total normality and immediately, saving time for everyone who cannot lose it.

What is a QR code?

Before you start creating custom QR codes in Canva , you will first learn what these are and what an important role they serve on websites today.

They are basically quick response codes, which can store information in a dot matrix. It must be read specifically with a QR reader, which is already included in most current devices.

Its main function is to take you to a specific website immediately once you have read it. It can be to an email, an application, a profile of a social network, a location, among others.

It was created by a Japanese company called Denso wave in the year 1994, and it is one of the best inventions made by man.


Although its use is the majority, it is the one you read earlier, in recent years they have been covering more space in all areas of the world. For example: In Korea and some parts of Latin America they are beginning to be implemented in supermarkets.

Also in cemeteries, allowing the user to have remote access to images of the same and the website to know the exact location of a grave. In addition, its use was extended to the field of cryptographic currencies, and they are currently used for electronic commerce (it should be noted that you can create or generate QR barcodes from Microsoft word , and even create a QR code for a direct link to Facebook , that lets you see that they are everywhere and can be created anywhere today).

For all this you read earlier is that it is necessary to create custom QR codes in Canva.  So you can start adding them when the occasion presents itself.

How to create custom QR codes in Canva?

The first thing you have to do is access your account in the application , then click “Create a design” as you always do. You will get a section where you must choose the option “Post for Instagram”. This will take you to your work area, here select the option ” Elements “, found in the toolbar on the left side of the screen.

When the tab opens, then choose the option called “ Shapes ” and within this choose the square. Then (this step is optional), you must choose the option in the bar called “Text”, and place a title next to your box such as: scan the YouTube code.


When you finish that, go back to the bar and select the option ” More ” that is at the end. Here there will be a box called “QR Code”, when choosing it it will ask you to enter a URL.

Copy the full URL of the link of the page you want to add such as YouTube or Instagram and paste it where the application tells you. When you do, you will get a button called “Generate code”, you select it and that’s it, you just have to fix the code above the box so that it looks good.

With the above, everything will be ready, so you already know how to create custom QR codes in Canva. To download it, you just have to choose the option with the same name that appears at the top right and click ” Done “. When finished, the image will appear in the folder you have chosen to download, allowing you to send it to all your contacts. Remember that in addition to the QR codes, you can also put links or hyperlinks , so it does not hurt to investigate that environment to complement your experience.


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