How to create custom maps with Google Maps on Google my Maps?

Creating personalized maps with Google My Maps has gradually become the quintessential travel tool worldwide. For the simple reason that it allows you to create your own personalized map, in which you can include the routes and sites you visit frequently.

It gave the impression that the application would be forgotten, since it had not received any update since 2016. But now, the application received an excellent update that allows you to change or include lines on the map, since previously you could only add points.

Through this section I will be teaching you how to create personalized maps with Google My Maps to be viewed through Google Maps. Another success of the great computer science monster with a new instrument among the best products, tools and services that Google offers.

Custom map

Creating custom maps with Google My Maps is a really easy task to do, since the application is very intuitive. To start using it, the first thing you should do is download through the Play Store in case you don’t have it installed on your device.

Now that you have the application, you must start it. When you open the application you will be able to see the personalized maps that you previously created, and they are stored in your Google account. This will serve when viewing your saved roads with respect to avoiding tolls on road routes with Google Maps or those with labels in the directions of places on Google Maps.

To create a new map, you must select the “+” option found at the bottom of the screen. You must give the new map a name and if you wish, you can also put some kind of description in the corresponding options.


When the map is created, you must go to the specific place you want to edit. You can place lines and dots (or markers) to customize the specific region. In this case, the lines are the routes or streets that have some use for you, while the points are those favorite, most visited places or the ones you want to visit.

When you place a point, a new window appears in which you must place a name , place a layer and, if you wish, you can add a description and that’s it.

Add custom layers

After creating custom maps with Google My Maps, you have the option of adding layers and a basemap. To carry out this process, you must select the map you just created and go to the “personalized map information”.

From this option you can change the name of the layers (in case you have created any before), and you can add new layers.

You can even modify the map view from this option. By default it comes in the ” Map ” option , and you can select the “Satellite” and “Relief” options.

View maps by Google Maps

One of the best options you have when using the Google My Maps application is that you can view the custom maps that you created through the Google Maps application.

So you have two options available to view custom maps, you have the option to view them through Google My Maps or from Google Maps.


To be able to view the personalized maps, you just have to enter the Google Maps application, go to the option “Your sites”. Then you are going to select the “Maps” option. From this option you can see all the personalized maps that you have created by applications in which you need to use the Google account.

You can view the open custom maps from the side option or side menu, and includes the option to view their information. You can also close the map or even have the facility to observe the layers that are on the map.

In this simple way you can create personalized maps with Google My Maps and also, you can see the maps through Google Maps, anywhere at any time.


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